Acre Designs partners with Loxone to automate homes for a different future

Tyron Cosway
10th April 2018 in Backstage

The Loxone team has been traveling a lot recently, busy working on realizing Real Smart Homes all over the US. We are proud to announce that the Loxone US team have partnered up with one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the housing industry: Acre Designs.

“We’re delighted to partner with Loxone because we see the future very similarly: truly integrated technology, smart home features that enhance daily life (no gimmicks!), and a culture of quality and innovation.”
– Jennifer Dickson, Co-Founder and CDO

Acre Designs offers beautiful turnkey zero energy homes that are entirely powered by the sun. And on top of that, they are built in less than half of the time needed to create a traditional home. To make that happen, they take a modern spin at prefab house production by designing to a new standard and delivering all the materials for the home as an advanced flat-pack system.

This unique design approach allows Acre to bake-in high quality, environmentally friendly materials, along with advanced technologies such as a full Loxone Smart Home system, all at market-rate pricing.

The first Acre Home is underway in Lone Pine, California, and will be completed later this year. Here’s a beautiful video that was shot on the actual building site and stars the homebuyers talented young daughter. (how cool!)

Every Acre Home built will be equipped with Loxone, bringing our idea of ‘Real Smart Homes’ to life. These homes are thoughtful, energy preserving, and fully automated; taking care of thousands of tasks for its residents.

“We share a lot of the same values between Acre Homes and Loxone. Both came to be out of frustration with the status quo and the fact that homes still work as they had 60 years ago. We believe that every new home in North America should be a Smart Home, and by partnering up with cutting-edge housing providers like Acre Designs, we move a step closer to fulfill our vision.”
– Florian Woess, CEO, Loxone US

Learn more about Acre Homes on their website and stay tuned for more updates to come!