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17. October 2023

Proper lighting at the workplace is essential to create a productive and pleasant working environment. In cooperation with XAL, we have now created a lighting solution that provides optimal illumination and integrates seamlessly into the Loxone building automation.

Office work is hard labor – for the eyes. That’s why sufficient lighting is crucial. It has a considerable influence on performance, motivation and health.

Ceiling lights require a lot of power to guarantee sufficient brightenss. Additionally, the installation in the ceiling is too inflexible to adapt to changing needs in most cases. A better solution is the combined use of ceiling and floor luminaires.

In cooperation with XAL we have created innovative floor luminaires: the XAL BETO & TASK. The advantage? You realize an optimal lighting solution that perfectly adapts to the individual needs of your customers, reaches every corner of the room and can be seamlessly integrated into the Loxone home & building automation.

XAL BETO & TASK Highlights:

  • Air technology: Seamless and easy integration into Loxone building automation.
  • Energy efficiency: Reduced needs for power through targeted lighting.
  • Flexibility: Easy placement of the floor lamps thanks to 230V power supply – ideal for varying room concepts.
  • Quality standards: High requirements for the entire production process and all components.
  • Design: The perfect symbiosis of unctionality and design.

About XAL:

For more than 30 years, the worldwide operating XAL has been developing individual state-of-the-art luminaires together with architects, designers and planners. In addition, the luminaires convince through excellent style and aesthetics.

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