Update: Loxone Audioserver

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11. July 2023

The Loxone Audioserver gets a firmware update from us. Discover the new features of software version for the Loxone Audioserver. Benefit from an impressive sound experience and increased stability.

The new version of the Loxone Audioserver software comes with the following features:

KEEP IN MIND: If your installation combines a Miniserver Compact with an Audioserver, the Config version Beta 1 or higher is required.

  • Realignment of the equalizer for an excellent sound. This applies to all players that have default values ​​set in the EQ at the time of installation. Individual settings remain.
  • Otimized synchronization for a more precise listening experience, especially in larger installations.
  • Added audio test files to the library for easy identification of left/right outputs for a simple system check.
  • Many other improvements for stability.

How to get the new features

If you have activated the auto-update function in the project properties of your Miniservers, the Audioserver adopts these settings, and as soon as the update is available, one click in the Loxone App is enough.

Alternatively, the update can be performed using the Loxone Config or the web interface of the audio server. All information can be found in our Online Documentation.


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