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In 2015, we implemented the first flat with Loxone. At that time, Loxone was still a very simple product and didn't have too much scope. When we automated more flats in 2019, areas such as the alarm system were added. But a big problem was still that Loxone was not directly designed for hospitality. You still had to do everything with copy paste and create a new project for each flat, which took a lot of time and was always associated with a lot of effort.


Loxone is, of course, constantly evolving. In recent years, the company has become an established participant in a wide range of sectors. Be it industry and office buildings, or hospitality. Thanks to the new major Hospitality Release 2022, many of my wishes have finally been implemented. Thanks to the latest Config, I can now easily duplicate my projects and save a lot of time. I can also be sure that all flats have the same specifications.

The great thing about Loxone is that this system is extremely smart. In our case, the system knows before the guest if there is a technical problem. I am extremely enthusiastic about what Loxone has achieved in the hospitality sector in the last few years. Loxone is not a system that you buy and it stays that way afterwards. It is a living system that continues to develop over time. The new development not only drives the company forward, but also my business, which creates something like a win-win situation in my eyes.

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