Miniserver Installation

The Loxone Miniserver serves as a central control unit in home and building automation. The exchangeable SD card stores the operating system as well as the user programming and settings.

The LAN interface allows the programming of the device, but also the operation of the finished installation via a web interface and the Loxone App.

Additionally, an integrated Tree interface for the connection of sensors and actuators in the building as well as 8 potential-free relay contacts, 8 digital inputs and 4 analogue inputs are available.

Via the Loxone Link interface, the Miniserver can be extended with further extensions to include additional functions as well as inputs and outputs.

The Miniserver has a housing with a 9 TE width for mounting in a DIN rail distribution system.

Technical Data Overview:

  • Power Supply: 24VDC (19.2…30VDC PELV)
  • Power Consumption: typ. 1.85W, max. 3W
  • Relay load capacity: 250VAC 10A, 30VDC 10A (We recommend using coupling relays with loads greater than 5A)
  • Digital Inputs: 24V DC
  • Analogue Inputs: 0…10V DC
  • Link Interface: Up to 30 Extensions
  • Tree Interface: Up to 50 Tree devices
  • Safety: IP20

For detailed technical data, please take a look at the available Product Datasheet and Product Insert.

 When calculating the number of lights that can be powered on one relay you MUST account for inrush current, information on inrush for the lights being used will be available from the light manufacturer.




Install the device in a suitable distributor where it is protected from water, dirt and mechanical damage.

Connect the power supply, as well as inputs/outputs and interfaces as required.
The RJ45 socket is used to connect the Miniserver to the local network or to a WLAN router.

Further information about connecting various devices can be found here.

Finally, before switching on the power supply, make sure that the electrical connection is correct.

The Miniserver will start up after the power is turned on and will be ready for operation after a few seconds.
The readiness is indicated by the LED status light flashing green every second.
If this is not the case, check if the 24V power supply is correctly connected and if a Loxone SD card is inserted.
Please use only SD cards from Loxone.

At the first start with factory settings, the Miniserver is usually assigned an IP address by the router via DHCP.
If there is no DHCP server in your network, or the Miniserver is connected directly to a PC, it has the IP address

Next, please follow the steps for the initial configuration 


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