Services Web

Communication facile

With Web Services and simple HTTP commands, you can retrieve information, and create or modify settings using Loxone’s Miniserver.



Structure of Web Services

Statut & Contrôle

Query: Status of a control
Query: All output changes

Configuration & statistiques

PLC Commands
Configuration Commands
Statistics Commands



La structure des Webservices

(Using RESTful Web Services technology)


  • control: can be any input or output, real or virtual. Outputs can only be used for status requests.
  • value: when ‘value’ is not available, the current control value is returned. The following values ??allowed: ‘A’, ‘On’, ‘off’, ‘Off’, ‘Impulse’, ‘Pulse’ or a decimal value (<1).
  • Virtual digital inputs with 2 outputs (up-down, left-right, starting from version, the following values are allowed.


  • ‘On’ = 1 and ‘Off’ = 0 for digital inputs and outputs.
  • Analogue (0-10V) inputs operate in a range between 0 and 10.00. There is no formal limit (for example EIB temperatures of 21.5 or -5.2).
  • A dot is used for the decimal output.

Statut & contrôle

Requête: statut d’un contrôle

FunctionReturns the status at the input
Answer<LL control= »dev/sps/io/LivingroomLight » value= »0″ Code= »200″/>


FunctionReturns the value at the requested outputs (either a unique value for all – or a ? for different values.
Answer<LL control= »dev/sps/io/LivingroomLight » value= »1″ Code= »200″/>


FunctionReturns the number of requested outputs and a list of the values at those outputs
Answer<LL control= »dev/sps/io/LivingroomLight/all » value= »8″ Code= »200″
n1= »Aktor (Relais) Q1″ u1= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-85f6ea34eeb9b08a » v1= »0″
n2= »Aktor (Relais) Q2″ u2= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-85f6ea34eeb9b08a » v2= »0″
n3= »Aktor (Relais) Q3″ u3= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-85f6ea34eeb9b08a » v3= »0″
n4= »Aktor (Relais) Q4″ u4= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-85f6ea34eeb9b08a » v4= »0″
n5= »Aktor (Relais) Q5″ u5= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-85f6ea34eeb9b08a » v5= »0″
n6= »Aktor (Relais) Q6″ u6= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-85f6ea34eeb9b08a » v6= »1″
n7= »Aktor (Relais) Q7″ u7= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-85f6ea34eeb9b08a » v7= »0″
n8= »Aktor (Relais) Q8″ u8= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-85f6ea34eeb9b08a » v8= »0″/>


FunctionLists all the devices that are connected to the Miniserver, along with status
Antwort<Status Modified= » « >
<Miniserver Name= »LoxMiniserver » Internalname= »  » IP= »  » Mask= »  » Gateway= »  » DHCP= »  » DNS1= »  » DNS2= »  » MAC= »  » Device= »  » Version= » « ><Extension Name= »  » Internalname= »  » Serial= »  » Version= »  » Online= » « /></Miniserver></Status>

Status requests via web service are only possible with inputs and outputs and are not possible with function blocks.

Bouton poussoir

FunctionControl the analogue or digital input
Answer<LL control= »dev/sps/io/PushbuttonLivingRoomLight » value= »1″ Code= »200″/>

Requête: changement de toutes les entrées

FunctionSends all the outputs that have changed since the last request
Answer<LL control= »dev/sps/changes » value= »5″ Code= »200″
n1= »Aktor (Relais) Q1″ u1= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-8604ea34eeb9b08a » v1= »0″
n2= »Aktor (Relais) Q2″ u2= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-8605ea34eeb9b08a » v2= »0″
n3= »Aktor (Relais) Q3″ u3= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-8606ea34eeb9b08a » v3= »0″
n4= »Aktor (Relais) Q4″ u4= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-8607ea34eeb9b08a » v4= »0″
n5= »Aktor (Relais) Q5″ u5= »68347a0e-3bfc-11df-8608ea34eeb9b08a » v5= »1″/>


FunctionGenerates an Eventserver in the Webserver. An Eventhandler must be programed in the Webclient (e.g., new EventSource (http://miniserver/dev/sps/event)).
AnswerSends all the outputs that have changed without a renewed request to send.
Event: changed
data: Name
data: uuid
data: Wert


FunctionEnables automatic sending of status changes in WebSocket.
AnswerSends the current status via WebSocket

Configuration et statistiques

Commande PLC

http://miniserver/dev/sps/statePLC status query
0 – No status
1 – PLC booting
2 – PLC program is loaded
3 – PLC has started
4 – Loxone Link has started
5 – PLC running
6 – PLC change
7 – PLC error
8 – Update is occuring
http://miniserver/dev/sps/statusCurrent PLC frequency
http://miniserver/dev/sps/restartPLC restart
http://miniserver/dev/sps/stopPLC stop
http://miniserver/dev/sps/runPLC continue
http://miniserver/dev/sps/logPLC permit global logging
http://miniserver/dev/sps/nologPLC disable global logging
http://miniserver/dev/sps/enumdevList all PLC devices (Miniserver, extensions)
http://miniserver/dev/sps/enuminList all PLC inputs
http://miniserver/dev/sps/enumoutList all PLC outputs
http://miniserver/dev/sps/identifyIdentify Miniserver (version and higher)
For extensions, the serial number must given as a parameter

Commandes de configuration

http://miniserver/dev/cfg/macRetrieve MAC address
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/versionHolt firmware version
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/versiondateHolt firmware production date
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/dhcpRetrieve or set DHCP configuration
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/ipRetrieve or set IP address
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/maskRetrieve or set IP mask
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/gatewayRetrieve or set Gateway address
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/deviceRetrieve or set Miniserver device name
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/dns1Retrieve or set DNS address 1
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/dns2Retrieve or set DNS address 2
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/ntpRetrieve or set NTP address
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/timezoneoffsetRetrieve or set time zone offset
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/httpRetrieve or set HTTP port
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/ftpRetrieve or set FTP port
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/LoxPLANRetrieve or set configuration software port
http://miniserver/dev/cfg/ftllocalonlyRetrieve or set ‘FTP, Telnet, local software access only’

Commandes système

http://miniserver/dev/lan/txpRetrieve number of LAN packets sent
http://miniserver/dev/lan/txeRetrieve number of LAN packets sent with errors
http://miniserver/dev/lan/txcRetrieve number of LAN packets sent with collisions
http://miniserver/dev/lan/exhRetrieve number of LAN buffer errors
http://miniserver/dev/lan/txuRetrieve number of LAN under-run errors
http://miniserver/dev/lan/rxpRetrieve number of LAN packets recieved
http://miniserver/dev/lan/eofRetrieve number of LAN EOF errors
http://miniserver/dev/lan/rxoRetrieve number of LAN receive overflow errors
http://miniserver/dev/lan/nobRetrieve number of LAN ‘No receive buffer’ errors
http://miniserver/dev/bus/packetssentRetrieve number of Packets sent to CAN-bus
http://miniserver/dev/bus/packetsreceivedRetrieve number of packets received on CAN-bus
http://miniserver/dev/bus/receiveerrorsRetrieve number of receive errors on CAN-bus
http://miniserver/dev/bus/frameerrorsRetrieve number of frame errors on CAN-bus
http://miniserver/dev/bus/overrunsRetrieve number of overflow errors on CAN-bus
http://miniserver/dev/bus/parityerrorsRetrieve number of parity errors on CAN-bus
http://miniserver/dev/sys/numtasksRetrieve number of tasks
http://miniserver/dev/sys/cpuRetrieve CPU load
http://miniserver/dev/sys/contextswitchesRetrieve number of switchings between tasks
http://miniserver/dev/sys/contextswitchesiRetrieve number of switchings between tasks that were triggered interrupts
http://miniserver/dev/sys/heapRetrieve memory size
http://miniserver/dev/sys/intsRetrieve number of system interrupts
http://miniserver/dev/sys/comintsRetrieve number of communication interrupts
http://miniserver/dev/sys/lanintsRetrieve number of LAN interrupts
http://miniserver/dev/sys/watchdogRetrieve watchdog bits
http://miniserver/dev/sys/dateReturns the local date
http://miniserver/dev/sys/timeReturns the local time
http://miniserver/dev/sys/setdatetimeSet system date and time. Format: 2013-06-18 16:58:00 or 18/06/2013 16:58:00
http://miniserver/dev/sys/spscycleRetrieve number of PLC cycles
http://miniserver/dev/sys/ntpForce NTP request
http://miniserver/dev/task0/nameRetrieve task 0 name (0-http://nubuserver/dev/sys/numtasks – 1)
http://miniserver/dev/task0/priorityRetrieve task 0 priority
http://miniserver/dev/task0/stackRetrieve task 0 stack
http://miniserver/dev/task0/contextswitchesRetrieve number of task 0 switchings
http://miniserver/dev/task0/waittimeoutRetrieve task 0 wait time in ms
http://miniserver/dev/task0/stateRetrieve task 0 status
http://miniserver/dev/sys/rebootBoot Miniserver
http://miniserver/dev/sys/checkDisplays active connections in Loxone Config
http://miniserver/dev/sys/logoffEnds any existing connections in Loxone Config
http://miniserver/dev/sys/sdtestTests the SD card
http://miniserver/dev/sys/lastcpuShows the last value of the CPU utilisation and the number of PLC cycles
http://miniserver/dev/sys/searchPerforms a search for connected extensions
http://miniserver/dev/sys/searchdataLists the search results
http://miniserver/dev/fslist/Lists the root directory of the SD card
http://miniserver/dev/fslist/path/Lists the directory path on the SD card
http://miniserver/dev/fsget/filepath/Retrieves a file (replace filepath with the file name)
http://miniserver/dev/fsdel/filepath/Deletes a file (replace filepath with the file name)
http://miniserver/data/statusShows the status of the Miniserver and all connected extensions
http://miniserver/statsShows the statistics
http://miniserver/data/LoxAPP2.xmlStructure file for the visualisation
http://miniserver/dev/fsget/log/def.logRetrieve the log
http://miniserver/dev/sys/ExtStatistics/05000001Retrieve the statistics of a 1-Wire Extension (replace 05000001 with the actual serial number)
http://miniserver/dev/sys/AirStatistics/0C000001/DeviceIndexRetrieve the statistics of an Air Base Extension (replace 0C000001 with the actual serial number)
http://miniserver/dev/sys/updateextStart an update of extensions