New: Loxone LED Spots with Tree Technology

Tyron Cosway
14th March 2017 in Technology

There’s no disputing that lighting can completely change how a room looks and feels. More than just a necessity to see when it’s dark; lighting is an integral part of interior design and can significantly affect our mood. Whether it is dimmed or bright, warm white or colour – the options that you have at your fingertips are endless in a Loxone Smart Home. You can combine different lighting fixtures, choose from a full spectrum of colours and adjust light levels to find the ideal lighting scene to suit any occasion.

Unrivalled Brilliance

The new Loxone LED Spots Tree produce optimal light, are individually addressable and are energy efficient. Developed in-house, these LED spotlight are of a high quality and benefit from a free-form wiring topology thanks to our Tree technology.

Revolutionary Lighting
Easier To Install
Intelligent Configuration
Energy Efficiency

Smart lighting is now even smarter thanks to the benefits of our Tree technology

Requires less cabling needed to wire up a room for lighting compared to a traditional install, so you’ll benefit from a quicker installation time.

The benefits continue from installation through to configuration too with each spot being individually addressable. Adjust the lighting layout as your requirements change.

Thanks to LED technology, these spots deliver exceptional lighting at minimal power consumption.

Revolutionary Lighting

The simple and timeless design of our LED spots means they fit seamlessly into the lighting design for your project. No matter the room, mood or occasion; whether you’re looking for warm white light or a modern combination of lighting levels and colours, it’s all possible with LED spots featuring Tree technology.

Easier To Install

With Tree technology, the lighting installation in your project can now also benefit from the unprecedented free form topology it delivers. Using Tree products in your Loxone Smart Home results in up to 80% less cabling being needed.

The innovation continues through to the LED Ceiling Spots with unique magnetic mounting mechanism.

Easier To Configure

With each spot boasting Loxone Tree Technology you have complete control over the behaviour of each spot – giving you more freedom when it comes to the overall lighting design. If the use of a room changes or furniture is rearranged, the lighting design can be adapted accordingly all from within the Loxone Config software. Plus, there’s no need for a separate dimmer extension!

Here are some graphical representations of the flexibility that the LED Spots Tree offer. From within our configuration software you’re able to customise grouping, brightness and colour combination.

Flexible Brightness Level Combinations

Flexible Colour Combinations

Perfect Light & Maximum Flexibility

We are proud to announce that our smart lighting product range will expand this year to include these fantastic LED spots, each benefitting from our Tree technology of course.


LED Ceiling Spot WW Tree

With a bold standout design, this LED spot boasts 10% more light than the LED Spot WW while also having a colour temperature of 3,000 Kelvin. This LED Spot is highly energy efficient and features an unparalleled magnetic mounting system.


LED Ceiling Spot RGBW Tree

The more design-oriented version of the LED Spot RGBW gives out 10% more light that it’s counterpart. This LED spot is capable of delivering your choice of 1,000,000 colours to suit any occasion.

LED Spot WW Tree

Featuring a colour temperature of 3,000 Kelvin, this LED spot delivers a pleasant warm white light.

LED Spot RGBW Tree

Set the scene in any room of your home. This LED spot evenly distributes any combination of colour and warm white light.

Austrian Engineering IC_flag-austria@2x-36x36

Our Competence Center has developed our LED Spots specifically for use in a Loxone Smart Home – using only the most advanced LED technology.

The cooling system of the LED spots has been developed to ensure they have a lifespan of approximately 25 years based on a daily use of 2.7 hours.

Plus, mounting is made easier thanks to our innovative magnetic mounting design.

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