Miniserver Client/Gateway and Concentrator

For controlling multiple Miniservers together in the same install and optionally having only one user interface.


In Loxone Config version 5 onwards you can use multiple Miniservers together in two different ways. The first allows you to setup a gateway Miniserver and it’s clients. You can think of the gateway Miniserver as the master and the clients as slaves.

This allows you to share memory flags across all the Miniservers in the network, which prevents having to use UDP broadcasts. It means you can have two Miniservers sharing information and working together with separate user interfaces.

Furthermore there is another mode which is called the concentrator mode and this allows you to have multiple Miniserver configurations shown as one user interface on the gateway Miniserver.

Loxonaut“It is important to note the difference between using a gateway and client and the concentrator mode. The concentrator mode uses more memory on the gateway Miniserver so it is important to not use this mode in a hotel for example with 100 Miniservers! For more information about whether this mode is suitable or not for your installation please call our support team.”


Follow the below steps to setup your Miniservers as a gateway and client and also see how to enable the concentrator mode.


All the programs for the Miniservers being used in the installation must be opened in individual Loxone Config documents and connected to. For convenience you can switch between the Miniservers by using the Windows shortcuts Alt+Tab or Alt+Esc.


To set the main Miniserver as a Gateway, select Server communication in the Periphery tree and then in the Context tab you will see the Miniserver Gateway button to select. Or you can go to the Periphery tab and under Commonly used there is the Miniserver Gateway button.

Creating A Client Gateway In Loxone Config


Next click on the Miniserver Gateway in the Periphery tree and assign it a key and then repeat this key (like a password). This means the communication with the other Miniservers is encrypted.

Creating A Client Gateway In Loxone Config 2


If you are not using the concentrator mode then click on the other files and add in the Miniserver Clients to the server communication section of the periphery tree in the same way you added the Gateway. Make sure to add in the key for each of the clients.

If you are using the concentrator mode then to add a Miniserver Client to the Miniserver Gateway, click on the Miniserver Gateway in the Periphery tree and then click Configuration where it says “Click here” in the Properties window. Then search for the Miniservers and select the required Miniservers by ticking the box to the left. All the selected Miniservers are now automatically added to the Miniserver Gateway.

Information about the Configure Gateway window:

Miniserver – Network name of the Miniserver
IP address – Local IP address of the Miniserver
Serial number – Serial number (MAC address) of the Miniserver
Program type – You can assign different program types. 0 is the Gateway program, 1-99 are room or flat types for identical programs across multiple Miniservers.
Room – Here you can directly assign a room location to a Miniserver (for example a flat number or room number in a hotel or development).

Creating A Client Gateway In Loxone Config Properties


The Concentrator mode allows you to use multiple Miniservers in one program.

First of all, connect to your main Miniserver (Gateway).

Right click on the Miniserver in the periphery tree and click “Add document to gateway”.

Adding A Client Gateway In Loxone Config

Now you can choose the Client programs which should be added to your Miniserver.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneThe admin usernames and passwords must be equal on all connected Miniservers.


Adding A Client Gateway In Loxone Config File

The added Miniserver is now shown in the periphery tree as well.

Adding A Client Gateway In Loxone Config Periphery

Please check if IP address and MAC address of all Miniservers are correctly set in the properties. Afterwards save your current program in your Miniserver.

These settings must be correct when saving in the miniserver the first time!

Creating A Client Gateway In Loxone Config Properties 2

Now you can use all inputs and outputs of all added Miniserver in one program file.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxonePlease note that controlling IR is only possible on the main Miniserver configuration file and cannot be used across gateway connections.