Lowrider – Automated with Loxone

Krista Aumüller
12/08/2017 in Case Studies

Recently a journalist asked us what a typical project looks like for Loxone Smart Home. The answer we gave them; there is no standard Loxone Smart Home project. Our technology offers the flexibility to use the Loxone Smart Home solution for any project you can imagine. Whether it’s a small condo, a multi-million dollar custom home, a brewery, a church, or a custom Lowrider, Loxone will elevate any project!

Up and Down

What makes a Lowrider a true lowrider? Well, first off you obviously need to be bumping War’s “Lowrider” at all times, but more importantly, you need to have an air ride system that draws attention everywhere you roll, because what’s a lowrider if it can’t bounce!

This customized Dodge Ram is the proud property of one of our very own Loxone Partners. And as I’m sure you’ve already concluded, this lowrider is hooked up with Loxone Smart Home Technology! That’s right, with a air ride system hooked up to Loxone, this Dodge Ram goes up, down, and side to side, with a simple touch in our App.

The Air ride

Car guys and gals know what an air ride is, but for those who don’t, an air ride is a system that is capable of lowering and raising a car by pumping compressed air into flexible bellows, creating a smooth and consistent quality ride. In this whip, the air ride is easily activated via the Loxone App.

Check out more pictures of this stunning Lowrider

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