Installing Updates

Please follow the below instructions for updating your Miniserver

More about installing updates

Installing and Updating

The configuration software is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Whilst Loxone Config will run on XP please note this is no longer actively maintained and supported.

Before updating the Miniserver, please make sure you have the latest version of the configuration software installed. You can use our installation instructions page to help you when installing Loxone Config.

To run the update we recommend the following procedure, however updates can be done remotely too: 

  • Backup of the existing program (choose from the Maintenance tab in Loxone Config)
  • Format a new SD card with the backup you just saved (choose Format SD Card from the Maintenance tab in Loxone Config)
  • Take the old SD card from the Miniserver and keep on site for a backup
  • Put the newly formatted SD card with the backup into the Miniserver
  • Perform the update as described below to update the connected extensions


We recommend that the person who performed the installation and configured the Miniserver also performs any updates. This is because before the update is started, the program should be loaded from the Miniserver and saved locally so that any latest user changes (lighting scenes etc.) are preserved.

Your Partner will be happy to assist you.

Update using the configuration software

Step 1: Connect to the Miniserver

Start the configuration software and connect to the Miniserver.

Step 2: Miniserver Firmware Update

Select the "Maintenance" tab and click on "Miniserver Firmware Update". This opens a window called "Loxone Miniserver Firmware Update".

Step 3: Backup options

You can now choose whether or not the Miniserver keeps the existing files.
When updating the Miniserver, we recommend selecting the box "Proceed with update even if the Miniserver already has the current firmware version". 

Step 4: Install the update

Click on "Install update" to start the updating process. Any extensions that are connected to the Miniserver and flashing green will also have the update applied to them. This is an important point to note: Only extensions that are added into the program the Miniserver is running will be updated!

After the update, the Miniserver reboots automatically.
You can observe the output in the monitor window.

Device versions

Once you have updated the Miniserver and Extensions we recommend that you use the Device Status to check if all devices have been updated and are running on compatible versions. 

Device status

Select the Miniserver tab in Loxone Config and click on Device Status (you need to be connected to the Miniserver you wish to view the information of). This will return information about every device including connected peripherals such as 1-Wire sensors and Air devices.

Checking Versions

What you are looking out for here is that all devices for which a there is an entry in the Version coloumn the version number is highlighted in green. The version numbers themselves may differ betwen devices, but as long as they are green, the firmware versions are compatible. 

Updates via 'Auto Update'

From Loxone Config 7.1, a new automatic update feature of the Miniserver is available. This function is currently only for the delivery of small updates for Extensions, Air devices and the web interface. In the Loxone Blog, releases and updates which are 'Auto Updates' will be tagged in the 'Auto Update' category.


The Miniserver checks daily for any auto updates. The settings can be found here:

In the Loxone Config you can adjust the time at which the Miniserver checks for updates.

If you don't want the Miniserver to check for updates automatically then you can uncheck 'Automatic Updates'.

To check for updates manually, point your browser to:

http://"Miniserver IP"/dev/sys/autoupdate

Please note that the Miniserver may restart after either a manual or automatic update.

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