New: Config 14.1

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9. May 2023

Our newly founded Loxone SEALs team is constantly working on improving the Loxone Config. With the free update to the new Config version 14.1, Loxone partners and users can immediately benefit from the innovations and improvements.

EPEX Spot Integration

The “Spot Price Optimiser” module was one of the new features in Loxone Config 14. With it, dynamic electricity tariffs can be taken into account when activating load. With EPEX SPOT, one of the largest European exchanges for short-term wholesale electricity trading is now integrated.

New Overview and Message Center

In Loxone Config 14.1, you can expect a new project overview and a new message centre, which can also be found in the partner portal. Here you will be provided with even more specific information that is relevant to you and your Loxone partner status. 

Improved stability and performance

Loxone SEAL stands for: System Excellence and Assurance League. The Loxone SEALs improve their stability through constant work on the Config and ensure even better performance. This update also contains numerous improvements, which you can find in a detailed overview in the changelog.

The new version is available immediately. Download the Loxone Config 14 now to benefit from numerous improvements.


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