Enhancing Showrooms with Loxone Retail Automation

Nick Fonteix
06/05/2024 in Case Studies

Automation for Retail

In the competitive world of retail, creating an immersive and interactive environment can significantly enhance customer experience and drive sales. One such example is the collaboration between Intelligent Living Solutions and Drapery Street, a client with a vision for showcasing their window-covering products in the best possible light – literally!

By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Loxone retail automation, Intelligent Living Solutions was able to transform Drapery Street’s showroom into a dynamic space that highlights the versatility and functionality of their products.

The Vision for Drapery Street's Showroom

Drapery Street sought to create a showroom that offered a hands-on experience, allowing visitors to interact with their window-covering products in an immersive way. They wanted to showcase the products in various lighting conditions reflective of different times of day to highlight their versatility and integration capabilities. This approach was essential in demonstrating how window coverings could enhance both the aesthetic and functionality of any space. To achieve this, they needed an advanced automation system capable of managing multiple environmental variables seamlessly. Enter Loxone 

automation for retail

Implementing Loxone Retail Automation Solutions 

To bring Drapery Street’s vision to life, Intelligent Living Solutions implemented Loxone automation solutions for lighting and shading control. The setup included managing tunable overhead white lighting and backlit shading vignettes in the showroom. This arrangement allows for the demonstration of different times of day and seasons, showcasing various lighting color temperatures and how the client’s window treatments respond to them. 

retail automation

Automated Lighting for Dynamic Showroom Experience

Lighting is the ‘silent salesman’ of retail environments. It can significantly influence how products are perceived by customers. With Loxone’s automated lighting solutions, Drapery Street can simulate various lighting conditions to demonstrate the versatility of their window coverings. The tunable white lighting can be adjusted to mimic different times of the day, from the warm hues of morning sunlight to the cool tones of evening. This dynamic lighting setup helps customers see how the window coverings will look in different conditions, making it easier for them to envision the products in their own spaces. 

Interactive and Adaptive Control

One of the standout features of the Loxone automation system is its adaptability and interactivity. The showroom can initiate a “presentation mode” when someone enters the space, thanks to the integrated presence sensor. This mode automatically adjusts the lighting and shading to create an optimal viewing experience. Additionally, visitors can interact with the Flex Touch Switches manually to see multiple shades move to their desired positions. This hands-on experience allows customers to appreciate the convenience and versatility of automated shading solutions. 

automated shading for hotels
retail automation

Enhancing Ambiance with Loxone Audio Server

The showroom experience is further enhanced by the Loxone Audio Server, which complements the ambiance of the sales floor. By integrating background music or informative audio presentations, the Audio Server helps create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for guests as they arrive. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the showroom is designed to captivate and inform visitors, making their experience memorable and enjoyable. 

Flexibility and Customization 

Loxone building automation solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing Intelligent Living Solutions to create a fully customized showroom experience tailored to Drapery Street’s unique application. The system’s open architecture and compatibility with various third-party devices enable seamless integration of additional features as needed. For example, the automated shading can be synchronized with other building systems, such as HVAC or security, to demonstrate a comprehensive smart home solution. 

Benefits of Loxone Automation for Retail Businesses

Loxone’s automation solutions provide several key benefits for businesses looking to enhance their showroom environments: 

  1. Enhanced Product Presentation: By adjusting the lighting and environment, businesses can responsively showcase their products, helping customers appreciate their features and benefits. 
  1. Interactive Customer Experience: Interactive controls and automated demonstrations engage customers, making their visit more informative and enjoyable. 
  1. Operational Efficiency: Automation reduces the need for manual adjustments and ensures consistent presentation quality, freeing up staff to focus on customer service. 
  1. Scalability and Customization: Loxone systems can be easily expanded and customized to meet the evolving needs of the business, ensuring long-term value and adaptability. 
  1. Energy Efficiency: Automated lighting and shading can be programmed to optimize energy usage, reducing operational costs and supporting sustainability initiatives. 


Loxone automation solutions, expertly implemented by Intelligent Living Solutions, have transformed Drapery Street’s showroom into an interactive and dynamic environment that effectively showcases their window-covering products. By leveraging advanced automated lighting, adaptive controls, and comprehensive audio integration, Intelligent Living Solutions created a space that enhances both the aesthetic and functionality of the products on display. This case study highlights the potential of Loxone automation for retail applications, demonstrating how it can help business owners present their products in the best possible light while meeting unique operational needs. 

For business owners looking to elevate their showroom experience, Loxone offers a robust and flexible automation platform that delivers exceptional results. By partnering with experts like Intelligent Living Solutions, you can ensure that your business is equipped with the latest technology to engage customers, streamline operations, and drive sales. 

Embrace the future of retail automation with Loxone and see how it can transform your showroom into a captivating and efficient space! 

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