Introducing Loxone: Your Partner in Home and Building Automation and Energy Management

Nick Fonteix
06/04/2024 in Know How

What is Loxone? 

Founded in 2009, Loxone is a pioneer in the home and building automation industry. Since our inception, our automation solutions have been installed in over 300,000 projects worldwide, with over one million users automating their lives with Loxone on a daily basis. Loxone systems can be found in smart homes, multi-dwelling units, restaurants, retail businesses, office buildings, hotels… even lighting the streets of Amsterdam!  

Our first product, the Miniserver, serves as the intelligent control hub connecting sensors and functions seamlessly. Similar to the human nervous system, the Miniserver connects all components to work together in a smart building. Systems for lighting, HVAC, audio, shading and more are intelligently controlled to improve comfort, security and energy efficiency in any smart home, building or special application.

Why Choose Loxone? 

Loxone offers a host of benefits that set us apart from the competition. Here’s why partnering with us will give you a distinct edge in the home and building automation market… 


Loxone’s automation system is endlessly scalable. Once a Miniserver is installed, additional functionalities can be effortlessly integrated. For example, if you start with a lighting control system, adding an audio system is a simple matter of installing the speakers and integrating them into the existing network – without the need for a system overhaul or additional control system. And this can be extended ever further to include automation for HVAC, shading, access and even energy management. This scalability ensures that your clients’ automation functionality can grow to suit their needs. 

First-Class Support

Loxone provides ongoing support and training opportunities to maintain and expand your mastery of our systems and ensure your first project and all that follow are successful. We offer in-person and online training, webinars, and a vast library of free training materials for you to learn at your own pace. Additionally, you have free access to our network of skilled Partner Coaches to assist you in planning projects, troubleshooting issues, and discovering new ways to enhance your projects and grow your business. 


In an era of increasing cyber threats, Loxone prioritizes security. Our systems are self-contained and air-gapped, meaning they do not rely on constant internet connections. Apart from semi-annual updates, Loxone systems operate independently of the internet. This ensures continuous operation even if the local Wi-Fi goes down, providing peace of mind against malicious actors and interruptions in internet availability.  

Additionally, Loxone never shares user data with 3rd parties. Your data is YOUR data. 

No Fees, No Subscriptions

As many automation companies are moving towards subscription models, Loxone is rejecting this trend by giving our partners and their clients access to our software for free. We provide technical support, updates, new features, and increased system capacities free of charge. This approach helps keep costs predictable and manageable for both installers and clients. 

Future-Proof Technology 

Every product we create is backward and forward compatible, ensuring that our automation systems are future-proof. This eliminates the need to purchase the latest iterations of existing products, protecting your investment and making future upgrades seamless. And to further ensure the longevity of your projects, every piece of hardware Loxone produces is built to last 20+ years. 


Loxone excels in various domains, including lighting, audio, access and security, HVAC and climate control, shading, and energy management. But that’s hardly all! Our system’s incredible versatility means the only limit is your imagination and know-how. We’ve seen our Partners use Loxone to power “smart” chicken coops, a fully automated brewery, and even a Loxone Lowrider! No matter the project, Loxone can be tailored to meet even the most specific and out-of-the-box needs. 

Best in Industry Software 

Our industry-leading tech stack ensures stability and continuous functionality. Loxone dedicates 85% of its development efforts to software to guarantee that the 15% invested in hardware delivers unparalleled functionality. This commitment ensures that our systems are reliable and high-performing. 


We believe in complete transparency for our Partners. Loxone provides extensive technical specs, training and education, integration guidelines, and regular company updates. This transparency ensures that you can work efficiently and confidently, fully understanding the capabilities and features of our systems. 

Easy and Intuitive Integration 

Loxone stands out for its ease of integration compared to other automation systems. Our consistently updated proprietary Config programming tool allows projects that used to take a team of integrators weeks or months to be completed in days by a single integrator. Plus, our comprehensive training programs ensure you understand every aspect of the system, enabling you to build the most efficient automation systems on the market. All this together helps our Partners raise their bottom line while keeping clients happy. 

Become a Loxone Partner 

By partnering with Loxone electricians, integrators, HVAC professionals, lighting experts, home and building security pros, and building developers can significantly enhance their offerings to clients. Our commitment to innovation, security, transparency, and support ensures that you can provide top-notch automation solutions to your clients. 

Join us in shaping the future of home and building automation. Let’s work together to create smarter, more efficient, and more secure environments for everyone. 

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