Sauna control made easy

Lucinda Wood
26th January 2011 in Technology

Experience report straight from my sauna


All you sauna enthusiasts out there have probably already thought about how you could control your sauna using Loxone. So let me explain to you how to get it done real easy.

Total costs (list price):

1x Loxone control (relay, digital input, analogue input) 49,75 €
1x temperature sensor 49,00 €
1x overheating guard STP
1x power contractor ca. 10 €
1x reed contact ca. 0,7 €
1x adhesive magnet ca. 1 €

Total costs just over 100 €

You should use Loxone control for controling sauna lighting. But more about that some other time.

What to expect from sauna control

  • Exact temperature control of oven independently from power
  • Remote-activation even from ski slope (please note local laws and safety regulations)
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Activation from living room
  • Automatic re-heating for drying the oven
  • Child-lock
  • Hourglass
  • Ventilation control

What really matters

The entire sauna control should be fully integrated into the house automation, preferably it shouldn’t be visible at all.

Switching should be silent. There are at least three options for control:

  • Power contractor (ca. 10 €): cheap, durable, but makes sound upon activation
  • Solid state relay (ca. 60€): silent, wear-free
  • Thyristor control (ca. 700€): continuous, wear-free control, high-end option for professional use.

Sauna control should be as easy as possible. I’ve got one button for “sauna on” and one button for “sauna off” in my switch programme.

I change the temperature using a slider with my Loxone app.

The sauna’s lighting should be integrated in the light scene control. One light scene could be named “sauna”, in my case it only contains the sauna’s LED lamps, all other light is deactivated to create the right kind of atmosphere.

Maybe you could place one of those nice Loxone stickers somewhere in you sauna to show your guests which “invisible hand” stands behind your sauna control.

Preparations during construction phase

Make sure there are enough electric lines from your distribution board to your sauna:

  • heavy current lines for the heater, in my case 5×2,5mm²
  • light power supply and reserve, in my case 5×1,5mm² (light and safety shut-down)
  • signalling line 2x10x0,5mm²
  • optionally multimedia port for TV, etc.


Electrical installations

I explicitly point out that all electrical installations must only be carried out by qualified experts in compliance with all safety regulations.


The entire logic will be taken over by Loxone Miniserver. Auxiliary circuit will be supplied via overheat protection, a main switch for activating the oven is recommended.

Short functional description

The temperature sensor will sense the actual sauna temperature. It will be forwarded to object sauna control for further processing. The target temperature can be adjusted as desired, in this example via a slider in the Loxone app (which I hardly ever move).

I wanted to activate the sauna via button in the switch programme or via app. To avoid heating the room purposelessly, I want to see in my app whether the sauna door is closed.

To switch my sauna off I use a button in the switch programme, the app or it shuts down automatically after a certain period of time in case I forget to switch it off.

While actually taking a sauna, I do not want to worry about controling, everything needs to work automatically.

Light control needs to be set according to my sauna schedule, the wet room needs to be lighted before and after having a sauna.

For a perfect sauna experience we need of course matching music. We activate it via our multiroom audio system by Casatunes.

If you like additives or aromas, simply programme it. I personally did not go for this option, I prefer pure Finnish sauna minimalism.

The programming

It won’t get any easier, best check your programming as always in your simulation.


The result of your programming in the Loxone app (sauna is off).


Everyone’s got different needs

When talking about automation, my need is to have as few control elements as possible. What I care about most are design and relaxation, not technology.

If you like different forms of automation, Loxone Miniserver has means to make your wishes come true. For example: sauna oven can only be switched on when door is closed, den Fernseher im Glas automatisch schalten???, oven switches off as soon as door is opened, change light scene when opening door, and much more.

Your imagination is the only limit!

Environment description for wellness room

Individual room regulation (like in every room in my house), Monday is usually my sauna day, so on Mondays the room will be heated to our wellness temperature. Unless we’ve activated absence, of course. For all other sauna evenings, we’ve got a button in our app called “sauna day”, which needs to be activated some time during the day, in order to get our perfect temperature in the evening. Same thing here: Imagination is the only limit.

Music control via Casatunes, fine speakers from Vienna Acoustics, I simply love precision work. Special music for a special atmosphere, always according to mood.

Lighting control via the new Loxone lighting control including RGB control. Coloured lights according to mood.

Unfortunately, scented oils and sun beds cannot be controled using Loxone, but they are still quiet important 😉

I would like to learn more about Loxone