NFC Code Touch

NFC Code Touch Function Block

Once an NFC Code Touch has been learned into Loxone Config you can use the Authentication NFC Code Touch block to program the device into your configuration.



Detailed technical data can be found on the Product Datasheet here.


NFC Code Touch Air

NFC Code Touch Tree

The NFC Code Touch Air can be powered either through the means of a 3V 2450 Lithium Cell battery or by a constant signal of 24 volts.

The NFC Code Touch Tree accepts only permanent power to it. On the back, there is an Orange/White pair.


When replacing the battery on the NFC Code Touch Air, please take note of the below image depicting different battery brands. Not all CR2450 have a flush outer lip and so won’t provide a secure power supply to the NFC Code Touch Air and can lead to intermittent power problems. To prevent this, we recommend you purchase the one on our webshop.



NFC Code Touch Tree NFC Code Touch Air NFC Code Touch “for Nano”
Battery 24VDC
LED Backlight Yes No Yes Yes
Configurable LEDs Yes No Yes Yes
NFC reader Yes No Yes Yes
Activation necessary No Yes No No



Detailed instructions on how to setup and configure a Tree device can be found here.


Detailed instructions on how to setup and configure an Air device can be found here.


The NFC Code Touch for Nano can NOT be used as a plug-in module for the Nano Dimmer Air

The NFC Code Touch for Nano can only be used in combination with the Nano IO Air.


The NFC Code Touch can be mounted on a 68mm mounting box with the included mounting frame.

The NFC Code touch is installed on the desired surface using the enclosed mounting frame. To ensure a secure installation, the mounting frame must lie flat on the wall. The NFC Code Touch must then be attached to the frame from the top side and then clipped onto the frame. This is to ensure a watertight seal for outdoor use. In order to remove the NFC Code touch, simply pull on the lower side to release the clip.

If water is on the surface of the NFC Code Touch, this may affect the operation. The surface needs to be dry for the NFC Code Touch to calibrate automatically and work as usual.

Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use in a sheltered location. The device uses capacitive touch technology. Water or debris on the surface can potentially cause a false trigger or “ghost-touch” on devices that use this type of technology.

LED State:

LED state meaning
WHITE counting down This is the timeout duration for entering the code. Every number press will refresh this duration.
All Green All LEDs will flash green to signal that the code entered has been accepted and is correct.
All RED All LEDs will flash red to signal that the code entered hasn’t been accepted and isn’t correct.
All RED & RED counting down When pressing a number on the keypad, the keypad will count down but in RED. This signals that the keypad is now
in LOCK mode and using key codes will no longer work. LOCK mode can be enabled from within config, or if
a code has been entered incorrectly 15 times. LOCK mode will disable after 2 minutes, or if an NFC key fob is
used successfully.If LOCK mode is enabled through config, it will not timeout after 2 minutes.
Cycling CYAN This shows that the NFC code touch is in NFC learn mode.
Individually The user has the ability to individually control the LEDs of the NFC code touch, including mixing colours to get other
ones outside of RGB and W (I.E turn blue and red on for purple).



The following documents can be downloaded: