Setup Guide for the Internorm Extension.



  • Gateway to the Internorm I-tec products
  • Up to 40 Internorm devices can be taught
  • Following Loxone Link
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 88 x 57 mm (2 TE)
  • Power supply 24VDC
  • Power consumption max. 288mW
  • Protection: IP20
  • Ambient temperature: 0 … + 55 ° C
  • Frequency: 868 MHz (SRD band EU)

Currently following Internorm I-tec devices are supported:

  • I-tec Fan
  • I-tec Shading
  • I-tec Remote
  • Window Contact (as of Config 9.0)

Diagram Extension Of Loxone


Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneUp to 40 Internorm I-tec components can be learned into the system. The actual number of controllable components is highly dependent on the environment, and may differ from the theoretical values.
In a free and open space signal ranges from 30 to – 100 meters. In any building, the range can vary greatly from the free field depending on obstacles and the nature and form of the building, as well as other external factors, such as switching operations, electrical motors or defective electrical devices depends.
A mesh or repeater function is not supported.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneFull software support for Internorm extension is only given as Loxone Config 8.0.


  • Mount Internorm Extension on DIN rail
  • Connect After finished installation 24 V DC, activate only after finishing the total installation
  • connect Loxone link
  • Attention: The last Loxone Loxone extension on link with a 120 Ω resistor schedule (included with the mini server)
  • enable voltage supply
  • Blink states of the status LED:
    Left LED flashes green after a few seconds when the Internorm extension is already configured, orange if not.


Diagram Extension Of Loxone Dimensions


Loxone Download buttonDownload leaflet Internorm Extension (pdf)



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You should use your internorm extension with either the Internom Extension or the remote control, but not both at the same time because it can lead to unexpected behaviour.

Make sure that her Internorm I-tec machine is in learning mode.
When first the I-tec devices are already in learning mode.
If the device was already once taught must be reinstated in the learning mode this.
For more information, in the each owner’s manual.

In order to have the devices in the Loxone Config Enable their Internorm extension the “Internorm search”.

Warning: If the device will have been already eingelert when re-learning these assignments are deleted.

Start of Loxone Internorm Search

In the opened window search all Internorm are devices that are in learning mode will be listed.

Loxone Internorm Device Search

Select the Internorm I-tec device, input the installation location and specify where this unit is installed using the drop down box and then create device.

In order to complete the learning process, you must save in your Miniserver.

The device will then be listed in your periphery tree.

Internorm Periphery Tree


Loxone Config version 9 onwards supports the I-tec Window Contact. The learn in process for this device is slightly different compared to the other I-tec devices. As the window contacts communication is encrypted, you must first enable window contact search in the search monitor as this will change the search mode so they can be found.

Once you have switched over to Window Contact search, you must then insert the batteries into the Window contact and then it will appear in the search after a short wait. If the batteries were already inserted, simply take them out briefly and then readd them.


Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneI-tec devices of the same type cannot be identified separately during the learning process.



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Quick Start Guide and wiring diagrams of Internorm Extension (pdf)

Extension EC Declaration of Conformity (pdf)