Loxone Config & App 13: Multiplicator

29th June 2022 in For Partners
Regardless of a projects size, from hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings and even commercial projects, the new Multiplicator in Loxone Config 13 simplifies the configuration of multiple Miniservers.

Loxone has revolutionised the world of Smart Homes and continues to do so today. With the new Multiplicator, we have significantly simplified the configuration of large-scale projects such as hotels, apartment buildings and commercial spaces. Projects that had previously used several Miniservers required individual configuration – not anymore. Now, you can copy one configuration to multiple Miniservers with just one click. The new Multiplicator in Loxone Config 13 makes this possible, for free.

However, configurations done in different Miniservers can still be individually edited and customised to a customers preferences. You’ll immediately see where changes are implemented and can reset the configuration to the Multiplicator default at any time.

Parts of a configuration, like pages and devices, can be excluded when transferring the configuration to an individual Miniserver. This is a great benefit to unique cases such as hotel rooms where a basic configuration is used across all rooms, but the same products aren’t.

With the new Multiplicator, all Miniservers used in a Multiplicator project can be simultaneously updated and the backup settings can easily be adjusted across the board.

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