Unresponsive Air actuators: Important update for Miniservers with software version

26th July 2022 in For Partners
On July 25th, we received several reports about a problem with Loxone Air, which causes Air actuators to stop responding to commands. We analysed the problem immediately and were able to find an error, which we will fix with today’s software update

Error pattern
Air actuators no longer react to commands. The status of the Air actuators is not displayed correctly in the app and in Loxone Config LiveView – e.g. a light is displayed as ‘on’, but the command is not executed by the Air actuator.

This problem is triggered by a timer overflow of the Loxone Miniserver with the current software version and occurs exactly 25 days after the last restart of the Loxone Miniserver.

Affected installations
All installations with a Loxone Miniserver on version, which use Air actuators (such as the Nano IO Air, Smart Socket Air, Shading Actuator Air, Geiger SolidLine Air, …).

An update to software version is required to permanently solve the problem. This update was made available on our Software Downloads page on July 26th. In addition, it will be offered as an in-app update for customers with Miniservers on version The update via app was also unlocked July 26th.

Temporary immediate solution

A restart of the Loxone Miniserver, triggered for example through the Loxone App or a power reset, restores the functionality of the Air actuators. However, this is not a permanent solution as the problem reappears after 25 days. The update to version 13.07.26 is therefore available for download as a solution.

Unfortunately, due to the unusual error pattern, which only occurs after 25 days, this error was not discovered during intensive testing of the release version. Our aim is to offer our customers and Partners a system that is as maintenance-free as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience to all of our Partners and customers affected by the error.

A quick fix for you is important to us, which is why we are providing this update less than 24 hours after the bug was first reported.

We would like to thank all customers and Partners for the trust they place in us.