The Next
Stage of the
Audio Revolution

We are convinced of this:
Everyone deserves the great experience of perfect sound – seamlessly integrated into any building.

The audio installation without limits

Thanks to the flexible and scalable system architecture, our audio solution is suitable for any project. Whether hotel, supermarket or private home.

Redefining audio installation in buildings: Master/Client technology

Thanks to our advanced system architecture, planning, commissioning and configuration of the audio solution is extremely simple, regardless of its size. The master/client technology allows you to customize your audio system to the needs of your project, wire the speakers in series and thus reduce the cabling effort.

Reliable & maintenance-free

100% developed by Loxone, both Miniserver Compact and Audioserver are absolutely maintenance-free.

Simply mounted on a top-hat rail

Our audio solutions are mounted flexibly on a top-hat rail to save space.

Flexible configuration with the help of Loxone Config

All features are set up, parameterized and configured as usual in the Loxone Config.

Highly efficient with low power consumption

Our innovative speakers deliver the entire audio spectrum in high-quality resolution.
The digital signal processor separates the frequency ranges into high and low tones with absolutely no loss. Together with the efficient Class-D amplifier, this guarantees a loss-free audio experience of the highest quality.

2x more
music power

Conventional Class A/B amplifiers with analog transmission technology are often associated with considerable losses. This is why we rely on digital signal processing for our master/client loudspeakers. The result is a doubling of the RMS power to 36W compared to a stereo extension, and that with lower power consumption.

Frau bedient Touch Pure Flex.
Frau bedient Touch Pure Flex.

Easy to operate

Music “on” or “off”, volume or source change – with the innovative controls, controlling your audio system is child’s play.

With our app, you have full control of your audio installation in the palm of your hand. Create individual playlists, use streaming services, create audio groups and much more. By the way: you decide which user receives which authorizations. This means you always retain control over your audio system.

Collage von Bedienelementen

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrated into the intelligent building, the audio installation can be used not only to play music, but also as an alarm system, intelligent doorbell and much more.

Customized announcement

„The wellness area will close shortly."

Customized announcement

„The “Delivery” roller shutter door is still open!“

Customized announcement

„The alarm system is now armed with a delay!“

Automation full of sound

Experience the future of audio today: thanks to intelligent automation, the volume and type of music, for example, adapt dynamically to the time of day – from an energetic start to the day to a relaxing evening mood.

Sources of music

Your own digital music library, streaming services, Internet radio stations, a professional mixing console and much more – use your entire music universe.


Apple AirPlay2








Music streaming for stores: fair and legal

The use of streaming services for private individuals is not legal in commercial projects. Soundsuit is specifically licensed for commercial use in over 50 countries around the world.

Apple AirPlay 2 & Spotify Connect

Apple AirPlay2

Play music directly from iPhone, iPad and Mac on the audio players of your Loxone audio solution.


With the Spotify app, you can stream directly from your cell phone or tablet to the Loxone Audio Players.

Audio excellence by Quadral

We redefine how you experience sound in your building. For over 50 years, Quadral has been synonymous with high quality loudspeaker technologies, which, with their impressive performance data, form the basis for great, brilliant sound.

Loxone products for your audio system

In addition to the Audioserver, we offer you the right products for basic sound reinforcement in your building.

Leading brands powered by Loxone






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Versatile automation solutions with Loxone

With Loxone, you can automate the entire range of your building technology. The advantage: all eareas are covered clearly and compactly in one system. This creates synergies that add up to more than the sum of all parts in terms of efficiency and convenience.

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