Raiffeisen: How a Banking Chain Benefits from Building Automation

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24. June 2024

Switzerland is one of the world's leading financial centers. With a total of 788 branches, the banking chain Raiffeisen Switzerland has the densest network of banking outlets in the country. Loxone is being used in more and more of these Raiffeisen branches.

The banking world is changing. Many customers conduct simple banking transactions online. For comprehensive financial matters, however, they expect personal advice from experts – and in a prestigious environment.

Many banks are therefore aiming to create future-oriented, energy-efficient and comfortable branches that are not only functional but also welcoming.

Raiffeisen Benken

A perfect example of this is the completely renovated Raiffeisen Bank in Benken, near Lake Zurich. On January 29, 2024, a branch opened there that is future-oriented in every respect.

Lighting, shading, audio, air conditioning and multimedia – the Miniserver ensures that the diverse requirements of a modern bank branch are met. The project was implemented by our Silver Partner, Urs Hager Elektro-Anlagen GmbH.

The customer’s wish was clear: everything had to be easy to use.

Jan Fritschi

Urs Hager Elektro-Anlagen GmbH

The individual rooms are each operated via a Touch Pure Flex. This can not only be used to control pre-set lighting scenes, the audio volume or the shading, it also measures the temperature in the room at the same time.

The Miniserver therefore knows exactly whether a room needs to be cooled or heated. In both cases, this can be done actively via the HVAC system or energy-neutrally via the shading.

Another major request from the customer was the automation of the extensive projector installation in the customer zone. A special button was set up on the Touch Pure Flex for this purpose.

The screen and the ceiling lift of the projector move to the perfect height, and the projector is activated. In addition, the Audioserver switches to the line-in of the projector, the lighting changes to the predefined scene, and the shading moves to the predefined position.

When the projector scene ends, the screen goes up, the lighting, and shading switch back to the original state, the audio system plays the favorite music again, and the projector also goes up with a time delay.

The entire installation is controlled with just 2 clicks. This saves employees a lot of time and stress.

Jan Fritschi

Urs Hager Elektro-Anlagen GmbH

Are you a chain entrepreneur?

We firmly believe that your business will benefit from intelligent automation. Driven by innovative ideas, we make your building management more energy-efficient, your stores safer and the customer experience even better.

More smart Raiffeisen branches

The Raiffeisen branches in Sissach and Uetendorf have also been modernized and equipped with Loxone building automation.

Raiffeisen Sissach

Raiffeisen Uetendorf

What has been implemented:

  • Lighting is of central importance in the design of the customer experience. By integrating the DALI luminaires, a flexible lighting solution was created.
  • Automatic shading enables simple and energy-neutral regulation of brightness and temperatures in the building.
  • The integration of underfloor heating and air conditioning ensures even and pleasant temperatures in all rooms.
  • A state-of-the-art ventilation system with Belimo components guarantees a continuous supply of fresh air and optimum air quality.

Numerous other Raiffeisen branches are currently being equipped with Loxone by our partners. This makes the branches more energy-efficient and convenient, and guests benefit from an ideal customer experience.


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