Your Dream Home: Made Possible with Loxone Smart Home Control

Nick Fonteix
06/25/2024 in Technology

Imagine your dream home

Maybe you’re picturing a sprawling estate in the Hollywood Hills. Maybe you’re imagining a swanky Manhattan penthouse. Or maybe your dream home is a luxurious but modest cabin, tucked away into the wilderness. There is no wrong answer! We all have different tastes, wants, and needs.

So, imagine whatever home sparks joy for you.

smart home controls

Keep Dreaming! 

Now imagine the inside of your dream home; what amenities make for the ideal living environment.

Customizable lighting to suit your mood and activities. Climate control that keeps your home at a comfortable temperature when you are present and winds down to save money when you leave. An integrated sound system that plays your favorite songs whenever you want and wherever you are. Window shades that let in the optimal amount of light at just the right time. Maybe even a temperature-controlled pool or hot tub to relax in after a long day. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Your own personal paradise. 

smart home controls

A Bevy of Buttons vs. A Single Smart Interface 

Now think about how many switches, toggles, and controls you’ll have to interact with on a daily basis to operate all of these things; light switches with dimmers and color controls in every room, separate thermostats for each zone of the house, media and volume controls spread out across multiple rooms, toggle switches for every window shade, a control panel for the pool… 

What a mess! Every room is going to require a multi-faceted switchboard just to control the many features in your dream home.

And that’s not very dreamy, is it? 

Smart Home Control, Simplified

Imagine instead a single control surface, one in each room, that controls every aspect of your dream home. No ugly toggle switches, no dimmer knobs, no confusing control panels – just a single, elegantly designed interface that elevates your aesthetic instead of fighting against it. We’ve even removed the need for a thermostat all together with our built-in temperature sensors and app control. 

True Automation

Single interface smart home controls are a game changer, but let’s take it a step further. Imagine NOT having to control these many separate functions. Imagine they are all integrated so intelligently into the most intuitive automation system on the market that you don’t even have to think about controlling them. 

Lights that come on when you enter a room. An HVAC system that cools and heats your home based on your pre-set preferences. Automatic window shades that adjust based on ambient heat, position of the sun, time of day, and even the time of year. Music that follows you as you move through your home and shuts off as you leave each room. 

Automation When You Want It, Control When You Don’t 

This is the dream home experience offered by Loxone; a living environment that automatically adapts to your wants, needs, and lifestyle. Loxone provides a smart living solution where every aspect of your dream home, from lighting to climate control to access and security, are managed by a single smart home control system that automates everyday tasks to simplify your life and provides you with simplified control when you want it. 

The days of endlessly fiddling with over complicated and unresponsive smart home control systems are behind us. Step into the future with Loxone home automation! 

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