Events take place safely with air quality monitoring & ventilation control

10/12/2020 in Case Studies
In our latest case study, Loxone offers a breath of fresh air during COVID-19. During these times, many businesses are left scrambling for safe solutions to return to many normalcies. A modern event venue in Berlin, Motorwerk, found a solution to hold events on premises while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infection: an intelligent ventilation control system with Loxone. Find out how with sensors & air quality monitoring, integrated fans and more:

Across all industries, COVID-19 has left its trace among many companies. Specifically, we’ll be looking at the missed opportunities for special events. Think of trade shows, conferences, you name it. When it comes to the event sector, the overall effect is tremendous.

But now with intelligent ventilation control, event spaces can think of keeping “spaces” in a whole new way. This is how Motorwerk can once again welcome up to 300 guests. Since August, the event company has been controlling the building’s air quality with Loxone integrating high-performance fans. We’re going in-depth behind the possibilities with Loxone Partner SmartFlix:

The goal of our client, Motorwerk, was to bring in more guests under safe, optimal conditions. The specifications for this included a simple light indicator for air quality as well as automated control fo the hall with focus on CO/CO2 dependent ventilation.

We didn’t need to think long about which technology to use. We knew we could count on Loxone. Plus the reasons of easy programming, cost, maintenance and more. This was also convincing for our customer.

Christoph Melovski

Loxone Partner, SmartFlix

Project Details


11,480 ft² indoors, 16,400 ft² outdoors

Loxone Partner

Loxone Functions
Automated ventilation via Modbus, including measurement of temperature and humidity

Control of windows for further ventilation

Security functions through integration of Door & Window Contacts

Lighting control for lighting moods and additional security functionality

Monitoring air quality

In such a massive space, the complete hall is supplied with fresh air by high-performance fans. The Miniserver supplies the brain power behind it. Using carbon dioxide sensor technology, the building is able to intelligently monitor air quality. So when needed, the fans can completely exchange the entire hall area within 30 minutes. The Miniserver, based on previously defined logic and programming, will decide how and when the fans are used.

With the intelligent control of our state-of-the-art ventilation system, we can significantly reduce the risk of corona infection and, at the same time, noticeably improve air quality without the overpowering noise.

Thorsten Hirsemann

Managing Director, Motorwerk Berlin

Loxone Partner: SmartFlix

Throughout their journey as a Loxone Partner, SmartFlix has implemented Loxone solutions in projects including museums, hotels and more.

We are particularly pleased with the full automation of the ventilation system and its impact on safety in times of coronavirus. This enable the event organizer to operate events safely. Modbus sensors and interfaces of fans provide feedback of speeds and values in real time to our clients. In addition, the entire system can be easily viewed by employees in the Loxone App.

Christoph Melovski

Loxone Partner, SmartFlix

Taking a look inside Motorwerk with Loxone

What happens at Motorwerk? 100 years ago it was the production of electric motors. Today, it’s known for product presentations, fashion shows, e-sports, conferences and more.

Event set-up with purple led lighting around bar area
Presentation set-up at Motorwerk Berlin
Upper level with high ceilings in Motorwerk Berlin
Rows of seating at Motorwerk Berlin
Lounge area at Motorwerk Berlin
Event space at Motorwork Berlin

Images © Motorwerk Berlin

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