6 FAQs about wireless systems for automation

11/18/2020 in Technology
Recently, we’ve been focusing on Air technology and its benefits for Loxone Partners’ future projects. More than 6 years ago we introduced our self-developed, wireless Air technology for home & building automation. Now, we’ve gathered six FAQs from our team members that will help inform you about wireless solutions:

Question #1: Can I cover my entire building project with a wireless system for automation?

That depends on the technology. Since Loxone uses mesh technology, this means that every wireless device can receive and send data and works as a receiver and repeater at the same time. Data and commands are forwarded until they reach the respective component. If such a repeater fails, the mesh network reorganizes itself and the data still arrives. With mesh technology, a large range can be achieved. In addition, a Loxone Air installation can be scaled with full flexibility by using several Air Base Extensions or a Tree to Air Bridge.

If the Presence Sensor on the second floor is too far away from the Miniserver as the central control on the first floor, other Loxone Air products located in between take over the forwarding role. Commands from the first floor are easily transmitted to the upper floor – large and reliable transmission distances are possible.

The range for your project – whether house, apartment, office, restaurant – is more than sufficient when using a mesh-capable technology.

Question #2: Why did Loxone develop its own wireless interface?

Our goal is to offer a building automation solution that can be used not only in new buildings but also in existing projects. We also placed focus on security of the system. So we developed our own wireless technology.

Whether it’s a house, office, restaurant or any building in between – a project is designed for a long term, which is true with Loxone Air technology. The products interact seamlessly together and are always up-to-date – backed up by our powerful, free software. As a non-network-based solution, the system remains completely reliable and secure. This can’t be offered by other solutions on the market (i.e. Z-wave, Zigbee).

With high flexibility of Air technology, projects can be extended or adjusted easily. In addition, the mesh technology enables complete coverage for projects of any size.

Question #3: How reliable is a wireless automation system?

 When it comes to reliability, it is important to ensure that data is sent between sender and receiver.

For example, if a room is too cold, the central control system sends the command “heating valve open“. The actuator sends a confirmation to the central control that the signal has arrived. If the confirmation is missing, the signal is sent again.

The Loxone Air technology also works according to this principle. If a device is offline, this is automatically detected. A push notification will be automatically sent from the Loxone App to either the home/building owner or the Loxone Partner to take care of it.


Question #4: Can I still get full functionality from a wireless solution?

Yes, the range of available solutions is getting increasingly wider. However, it is important to pay attention to a holistic solution where all devices can communicate easily and reliably.

For example, the Loxone Air product range offers more than 50 devices – from Presence Sensors, LED lighting, Water Sensors and more. We are constantly further developing our Air product range with functionality in mind.

Question #5: How secure is wireless building automation?

As some wireless systems’ communication takes place over the air, often unencrypted, this bears the risk that unauthorized persons may “overhear” the communication and, in the worst case, repeat commands. As a non-network-based solution, Loxone provides secure encryption that meets the highest standards within any wireless building automation project. In fact, by creating a Cloud-free system, we firmly believe: “Your building, your data“, which means data stays within the walls of your home our building and never gets analyzed externally.

Question #6: What functions can I implement with wireless technology?

Every function that is possible within a wired, or Loxone Tree, installation is also possible in a wireless Loxone Air installation. Loxone offers solutions for retrofitting lighting, heating & cooling, security, access control and much more.

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