New: Miniserver Go in its second generation

10/28/2020 in Technology
With further development of the Miniserver Go, we’re excited to introduce the second generation! It is the most flexible solution for professionally-installed building automation. As the wireless version of the Miniserver, the Miniserver Go can be placed anywhere in the building for maximum flexibility.

Flexible building automation for retrofit

Take a look at our latest video where we introduce you to the advantages of the Miniserver Go – based on Loxone Air technology – and how this offers exceptional flexibility for building automation:

.The Miniserver Go is impressively versatile; with the help of Loxone Air technology, automation can be implemented quickly and easily. Without the need to chase cables, it’s perfect for retrofitting! The Loxone Air product range offers an extensive product range of switches, sensors, contacts, actuators, lighting and more.

In addition, the functionally in an installation can be extended beyond Loxone Air thanks to the Loxone Link interface on the Miniserver Go – for the connection of up to 30 Extensions

Since the release of the Loxone Miniserver Go Gen 1, just over six years ago, we have been further developing our Loxone Air product range. We didn’t stop there though, as we’re now ready to share the next generation Miniserver Go, which packs an impressive punch…

Miniserver Go Generation 2: What’s new?

The Miniserver Go is the best option for retrofitting building automation into smart homes, commercial buildings and custom applications. The second generation of this impressive device is now even more secure and includes these significant improvements:

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