Door and Window Monitor


The Door and Window Monitor is used for monitoring and displaying the states of windows and doors. By using this block, you will be able to set up alerts if anything has been left open before leaving or just set it up so that the user can glance at this block before they leave to ensure that they have secured their house.


Once you have added the Window and door monitor block to a page you will then have to add the contacts it will be monitoring.  By double-clicking on the block, you will be open a window that will allow you to select which window/door contacts to monitor. This allows you to split floors up should you wish, or even exclude windows entirely.

You must connect any Window Handle Airs manually to the input Alw and any 3rd party window contacts have to be connected to lw.

With this block, you also have some outputs that can provide information on which contacts are currently open and also some further stats such as last triggered sensor and number of secured windows.



Abbreviation Summary Description Unit Value Range
AIw Door or Window Handle Handle Position Analogue Input – Current position of the handle (1 = closed, 2 = tilted, 3 = open, 4 = closed and not secured, 5 = closed and secured, 0 = unknown/offline) 1 = Closed 2 = Flipped 3 = Open 0 = Unknown/Offline 0…∞
Iw Window or door contact (open) Digital Input – Used for window or door contact that detects opening (0 = closed, 1 = open) Usually used inverted. Digital 0/1
It Windows or door contact (tilt) Digital Input – Used for window or door contact that detects tilting (0 = closed, 1 = tilted) Usually used inverted. Digital 0/1
Il Window or door secured Digital Input to indicate if the window or door are secured (locked) (0 = unlocked, 1 = locked) Digital 0/1


Abbreviation Description Unit Value Range
AQo Number of open windows or doors
AQt Number of tilted windows or doors
AQc Number of closed windows or doors
AQof Number of offline sensors
AQl Number of secured windows or doors
AQu Number of unsecured windows or doors
TQ Text Output – Last triggered sensor Text Text