Room Comfort Sensor

Quick Start Guide

Technical Data


Room Comfort Sensor AirRoom Climate Sensor Air – Battery OperatedRoom Comfort Sensor Tree
Power Supply9…28VDC SELV2x AAA Batteries9…28VDC SELV
Power Consumptiontyp. 65mW
max. 85mW
typ. 0.02mW
max. 50mW
typ. 149mW
max. 160mW
Battery Life/Approx. 2 Years/
Ambient Temperature-20…55°C
Protection ClassIP20
CleaningNo Maintenance Required. Clean with a damp cloth.
Dimensions55x55x18mm without Frame. 80x80x18mm with Frame
Temperature-40…125°C +/- 0.5ºC
Humidity0…100% r.H. (Non Condensing) +/- 2%
CO²No C0² Sensor400…10,000ppm
+/- 80ppm

Power Supply:

Room Climate Sensor AirRoom Climate Sensor Tree
The Room Climate Sensor Air can be supplied with two AAA batteries or a fixed power supply of 9…28VDC.To pair the Room Climate Sensor Tree, connect the power supply (Orange/White Terminals) and the Tree cables (Green/White Terminals). We recommend the Loxone Tree Cable for wiring the Room Comfort Sensor Tree.


The recommended mounting height for the Room Comfort Sensor is between 1.2m – 1.5m when mounted on the wall. It is important that the sensors are positioned correctly in order to allow accurate control of the Room Climate. The positioning of the sensor should therefore be adapted to the conditions of the room (e.g. according to where people in the room normally are).
The Room Comfort Sensor Air can also be freely placed on suitable surfaces when in battery operation, using the supplied cover. (e.g. on tables, on shelves, etc.)The Room Comfort Sensor is wall mounted using the supplied mounting frame. For this purpose, the frame is mounted on an installation box or a suitable surface and the Room Comfort Sensor can then simply be snapped into the frame.

Pairing Tree:

For a detailed description of how to pair Tree devices, see here.

Pairing Air:

For a detailed description of how to pair Air devices, see here.