Lighting Overview


The Lighting central block allows you to control all lighting controllers from a single location.


By double clicking on the block you will open this window

You can select the blocks this block can control. For the Lighting Overview, these will all be Lighting Controllers.

Overview commands are also not blocked by an active Dis input on the respective module. The Dis input only refers to the input connections on the left side of the blocks themselves. The function blocks can still be operated via the app and the overview block.

If a function block is controlled by an overview block, this is indicated by the central symbol on the respective module. In addition, the device name in which it is used is specified.


Abbreviation Summary Description Unit Value Range
I1-4 Trigger 1-4 for dimmer / switching input for digital circuits
+ Select next mood Next Mood Digital 0/1
Select previous mood Digital Input – Pulse selects the previous mood Digital 0/1
AIs Mood Input – Select the Associated Mood 0…89
R Reset Digital Input – Pulse activates the mood All Off Digital 0/1
T5/1-8 Select lighting mood 1-8 Depending on the configuration a long pulse allows either the storing of a mood or a mood to be mixed in. Double pulse turns all outputs OFF and creates pulse on RQ. Triple/click pulse switches everything off and triggers a pulse on RaQ. Should be used with T5 inputs from Loxone Tree & Air devices.
DisM Disable Motion Sensor ‘Mv’ Digital Input – When ON disables Mv input from bringing lights on. Presence is still detected and the timeout, set in MT is still operational. Digital 0/1
O On Digital Input – On Activates the ‘Bright’ mood If this mood is not configured then all outputs are switched on with the brightness set in parameter Ba Digital 0/1
A Alarm Alarm Input When ON all lights flash at the brightness provided by parameter Ba Digital 0/1
Bu Alarm Clock Digital Input – Alarm Clock Single pulse turns on the wake up mood using a slow fade defined in Tb If no wake up mood is defined then the All On mood is used Digital 0/1
Dis Disable Child lock – Locks inputs but not App/Web Interface. Mv and A inputs do not get disabled. Digital 0/1