LED Spot RGBW Tree (UK)

Quick Start Guide

Technical Data

LED Spot RGBW Tree
Power Supply 21.6…25.2VDC SELV
Power Consumption max. 7.2W
Power Consumption per Channel (max.) Red: 2.0W
Green: 1.7W
Blue: 1.7W
Warm White: 7.2W
Ambient Temperature 0…55°C
Safety Rating IP20
Fire Rating Fire Rated to UL263 & BS 476-29 60 mins
Dimming 1…100%
PWM Frequency 400Hz
Rated Luminous Flux – Warm White typ. 525lm
Colour Temperature – Warm White typ. 3000k
Beam Angle Warm White: 38º
RGB: 120º
Hole Diameter 68…72mm
Installation Depth 40mm
Maintenance and Cleaning No Maintenance Required. Clean with a Dry Cloth.

Power Supply:

LED Spot RGBW Tree
For installation, connect the 24v power supply (Orange/Orange-White Cable) and the Tree Bus (Green/Green-White Cable) to the LED Spot RGBW Tree. We recommend the Loxone Tree Cable for the wiring of the LED Spot RGBW Tree.


Cut a matching hole in the desired surface for the LED Spot RGBW Tree. The spot is fixed in the hole with the two spring-loaded feet. Fold back both feet and insert the LED Spot RGBW Tree into the hole. The springs will now hold the spot in the hole.

Pairing Tree:

For a detailed description of how to pair Tree devices, see here.

Housing Temperature (Tc-Point)

LED Spot RGBW Tree
Tc Max.: 70°C