Expert Settings


With the Expert Settings, function properties can be changed directly from the app without the need to find a computer loading up Loxone Config. Since the expert mode enables theses changes to be made to Function Block properties, only users with administrative rights will have the option to enable expert mode.


In order to use Expert Settings you must be logged in to the App with a User who is part of the “Administrators” user group.

Once logged in you can start Expert Settings by clicking on the “three dots” button on the top right on any Room, Category or Function page.

This will give you a popup from the bottom of the screen and show you an option of Expert Settings.

On selecting Expert Settings you will be asked to enter the password for the user you are logged in with.

You may then change for:

  • Rooms and Categories, items such as Icons, Rating, Name, Room size and Room Type.

  • Functions all block parameters and some of the major settings such as whether it is used on the app or if a user interface password is required.

To commit these changes made simply come out of the expert settings and they are now saved.