This block is a switch off delay that works in conjunction with Loxone Control acting as a computer presence detector.

Loxone Musterkoffer


Once the Tr input is triggered on the output Q is also enabled. When the Tr output goes back to off the output Q will remain on for the duration of the parameter T. Every time there is Tr goes to off (falling edge) the delay counter T will be restarted. 

If the input R is activated then the output Q is disabled.

The block can also be used to work with Loxone Control as a computer presence detector (working in the study for example). 


Ausschaltverzögerung - Loxone



Tr Trigger When going from off to on (rising edge) Q is switched on, with a falling edge on Tr the delay time count is started.
R Reset Turns Q output off.


T Delay time Defined how long after the falling edge on Tr that Q remains on for [s].


Q Digital output When going from off to on (rising edge) Q is switched on, after the delay time T has finished Q is switched off.