Smart Air Conditioning in Under 3 Minutes

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25. June 2024

Your air conditioning keeps you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. However, these cool temperatures come at a price, mostly in the form of steep electricity bills. With AC Control Air, you can ensure that your air conditioning runs as efficiently as possible – without having to compromise on comfort. Thanks to the quick installation, you can enjoy your smart AC in under 3 minutes.

Invisible installation, without any modification work

When designing the AC Control Air, two topics were particularly important to us: ease of installation and size. It is designed to be connected directly to the air conditioning control unit. Communication with the Miniserver works wirelessly thanks to Loxone Air, the power supply comes from the air conditioning unit. Connect a cable – and you’re done.

Once the AC Control Air is successfully connected, it can easily be hidden in the interior of the air conditioning system thanks to its compact design, making it invisible.

Comfortably cool, efficient to the max

Manually controlled air conditioning systems often run much longer and more intensively than necessary. After installing the AC Control Air, the air conditioning system is part of Loxone’s comprehensive energy management system.

The air conditioning unit runs ideally coordinated with the other heating and cooling sources, such as the heat pump or underfloor heating. Factors such as passive cooling through shading are also taken into account. In short: the air conditioning unit only runs when it is really necessary.

Furthermore, the system recognizes, for example, when a window is open. The air conditioning is then throttled accordingly so that the cooling does not escape through the window. There is no one in the office after 6 p.m., but you forgot to turn off the air conditioning? Loxone does this automatically. Are you leaving your house? Loxone regulates the air conditioning until you get back.

Control your air conditioning smartly now – in under three minutes

So what are you waiting for? Smartly integrate air conditioning systems into Loxone and ensure pleasantly cool temperatures without any unpleasant surprises when looking at your electricity bill.


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