Commercial Spaces: Efficient and Economical Ways to Heat a Warehouse or Industrial Hall

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13. June 2024

Are you looking for information on heating a commercial space? Discover the various types of warehouse heating available and learn how to keep your heating costs as low as possible.

How Can You Heat a Commercial Space?

Direct Gas-Fired Air Heating

Many commercial spaces are heated using direct gas-fired air heating. These gas heaters are among the most effective heating devices for the industrial sector, providing rapid warming. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase and have low operating costs.

    • Rapid warming
    • No heat loss through ducts
    • Energy efficient
    • Easy to install
    • Easily expandable

Indirect Air Heating

This type of air heating works indirectly by being connected to a central heating system, such as a gas boiler, heat pump, or district heating network. A major advantage of heat pumps is the ability to provide cooling.

    • Central heating unit
    • Cooling capability
    • Easy to install
    • Low noise level

Electric Air Heating

Want to heat a warehouse without using gas? Choose electric air heating. It ensures a comfortable temperature in your commercial space without harmful emissions, making it ideal if your building has solar panels.

    • Eco-friendly, especially when combined with a PV system
    • Quick and easy to install
    • High efficiency with rapid warming
    • Low maintenance

Infrared Heating

Infrared heating is often confused with electric air heating, but there’s a difference. IR heaters only warm up the area where work is done (for example, a workbench), rather than the entire space. This makes the system highly energy-efficient.

    • No CO2 emissions when used with green energy
    • Can result in significant energy savings
    • Easy to install
    • Low maintenance
    • Suitable for ATEX environments


In practice, many businesses opt for a combination of two or more heating methods. For instance, they might have a series of infrared heaters supplemented by a gas booster that kicks in during the coldest days.

Preventing Freezing or Ensuring Warm Working Conditions?

The type of heating system needed for a commercial space depends on how the building is used. Is it a storage facility that needs to remain frost-free? Or is it a workshop where employees assemble products? Each scenario requires a different approach.

Energy-Efficient Warehouse Heating

There are several ways to heat a warehouse or workshop efficiently:


Choose the right heating system. Selecting the appropriate heating system involves comparing different options to find the best solution for your business. We can help you make this choice.

Renew if necessary. Consider updating your heating system when needed. Modern commercial heating systems are much more efficient than those that are decades old. Often, it’s more cost-effective to upgrade the installation over time.

Compartmentalize. If you have the option to divide the warehouse into smaller spaces with different temperatures, you can save a lot of energy.

Set up thermostats. Chances are, you don’t need the same temperature 24 hours a day. By using thermostats and temperature sensors, you can establish a heating schedule to reduce your heating costs.
Insulate. Prevent heat loss with insulation. Start with the roof, as this is where most heat escapes.
loods bedrijfshal verwarming
opslagplaats verwarming

Loxone Building Automation

Looking to save even more energy in your business? Loxone provides intelligent control of all technologies, ranging from heating to lighting and ventilation.

With everything integrated into one smart building system, numerous useful features are possible, such as:

Thermostaat instellen via de Loxone App
Optimize the power from solar panels on your commercial building for maximum self-consumption

Smart heating through a self-learning thermostat


Intelligent lighting that turns on/off automatically


Activate appliances & devices based on priority


Detailed statistics on energy consumption


Comprehensive building security: alarms, smoke detectors, water sensors…


Advanced access control via code keypads, NFC keys…


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