Welcome to the first smart showhome in Europe

Welcome to the Loxone Showhome, the first of its kind in Europe. Showcasing the finest in Loxone technology in a real home, the Loxone Showhome allows you to fully experience a Loxone Smart Home. Take a tour and discover the power of smart living.

The Loxone

The Loxone Showhome gives visitors the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the 360° smart home and the Loxone way of life.

Comfortable superior deluxe rooms

Our showhome is nestled into the hillside and offers panoramic views over the rolling Austrian countryside. It’s located just a stone’s throw from our headquarters so it’s the perfect place for visiting Loxonauts to relax during their stay.

Each of the five deluxe bedrooms boasts a glass-fronted en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower, a cosy and inviting double bed, in-built wardrobes and desk space, and, of course, complete automation. For example, if you get out of bed during the night, the LED strip above the bed illuminates to guide your path. Once you’re back in bed, it fades off.

Pure relaxation

Those looking to unwind after a busy day need look no further than the in-house sauna. A quick tap of the app on your way back to the Showhome ensures the sauna is wonderfully toasty as you arrive. You can also adjust the temperature, music and colour of the lights within the sauna to suit your preference…bliss!

Culinary pampering

Upon opening the kitchen cupboards, you’ll be greeted by row upon row of regional specialities. The kitchen is fully equipped for even the most discerning chef, and those looking carefully will notice the familiar look of a five-point Loxone Touch switch etched into the granite worktop. The large drinks fridge does not disappoint either with its tempting selection of Austrian wines, ice cold water and soft drinks. And for after dinner? There’s the Nespresso machine, of course.

Explore life in a smart home

The Loxone Smart Home perfectly meets the needs of its occupants, performing tasks according to schedules and taking into account such things as the season, weather and if anyone’s at home. The Loxone Smart Home adapts to suit your lifestyle. It thinks the way you do and will know to do something before you’ve even thought about doing it. It takes care of thousands of actions for you. Automatically regulating the heating, music, lighting and everything in between.

Lots to see and do

Nature lovers will be spoilt for choice in Kollerschlag – there are endless walks and hikes to enjoy in the local area, and the landscape makes for some breathtaking views. Kollerschlag is located directly on the Bavarian border, just 40 km from Passau, a charming and idyllic market town which is home to the largest cathedral organ in the world, inside St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

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