Automated Curtains

With Loxone, your curtains can do far more than protection your rooms from the glare of the sun. Loxone can give you completely automated curtains so you never need to worry about opening or closing them again. They’ll intuitively work around you to give you unparalleled levels of convenience.

They’ll also offer you functionality that you previously may not have even thought was possible. In the morning, they can act as part of your alarm clock, partially opening to let light gently bring you out of your slumber. In the evening, they’ll automatically close to offer you some privacy from the outside world. And much more…

Automated curtains in a modern apartment

The Loxone Miniserver

As the brain of your Loxone system, the Miniserver knows its exact location and consequently knows the position of the sun, outside temperatures, wind speed and much more.

Therefore, it always knows exactly what to do with your curtains and takes care of them automatically. The illustration below shows what a typical day could look like when your curtains are controlled with Loxone.

Good morning


Beim Aufheizen am Vormittag fährt die Beschattung automatisch hoch


Everyone is up and dressed. The curtains throughout the entire house are automatically opened and the morning sun streams through the windows for a great start to the day.

Nachts fährt die Jalousie- bzw. Rolladensteuerung automatisch als Sichtschutz herunter


As the sun begins to sink, your curtains are closed automatically to offer privacy and help you unwind after a busy day.

Intuitive Control

With Loxone, your curtains will automatically work around you. However, should you want to make any manual adjustments you absolutely can.

App control for electric curtains
Via App

With our app, you can control all of your curtains with one hand. You’ll also be able to see the status of your curtains at any time. Constant updates ensure that the Loxone App is always improving and adding new functionality. 

Smart home switch
Via Switch

Control the curtains in any given room via one simple switch standard. Simply use the top left of the switch to open the curtains and the bottom left to draw them, it really is as simple as that.

Automated curtains in a bedroom

Wirelessly control your curtains with Loxone Air Technology – perfect for retrofitters

We know that it’s not always possible to pull cables, that’s why we’ve developed our very own wireless technology – which is especially helpful for those who are looking to retrofit.

If your existing electric curtains are compatible, then you can automate them with Loxone Air technology.