The Countdown Has Begun…

Tyron Cosway
19th September 2017 IN Technology

On September 26, 2017 we’ll be ushering in a new era for our smart home app and configuration software. Version 9 of our app and config promises to be our most powerful pieces of software to-date. We are super excited about what is to come and couldn’t wait to start sharing a few sneak peeks with you…

Loxone Software Release Version 9

Loxone OS, Config & App 9 – A ‘Real’ Smart Home:

Our core idea: Save 50,000 tasks. Enjoy more time for life.

Your Loxone Smart Home welcomes you with feel-good lighting and temperature, protects you around the clock from fire, water and burglary, as well as adjusting your shading automatically according to the direction of the sun; it completely looks after itself so you don’t have to.

With every new product or software release, we remind ourselves of this core idea. The release of the ninth version of Loxone OS is no exception. This concept of intelligent living once again lends itself to improving the way that Loxone looks after you and your family.

The result: Even faster and simpler setup of your Loxone Smart Home, cutting costs as well as complexity. Experience the feeling of a truly ‘smart’ home, where our standards, recommendations, and bespoke product range provide a totally seamless solution.

Loxone OS, Config & App 9 – New Lighting Features:

Show Your True Colours  

Changing the colours of your own four walls has never been simpler, no paint or rollers required. With version 9 of our software, you can quickly and easily set your lights to change colour automatically. Simply choose your colours and the order you’d like them to appear, and watch your home transform! You can also define and adapt your lighting moods at any time by searching for “mood” within the app.

After a busy day, you’ve settled into the sofa with your book, cup of tea in hand. All that’s missing is a dog at your feet. Well, that and just the right lighting mood. You press and hold your ‘reading switch’ by the sofa which brings the reading lamp to life and activates your LED strip to gently glow in hues of orange and red, creating a relaxed and cosy feel that’s ideal for a little literary indulgence.

Loxone Smart Home App 9
One switch- more options

Take advantage of additional functionality without having to add more switches to your wall, including the possibility to mix lighting moods.


  • Define the default mood per switch (the first mood to scroll from)
  • Long-press on a switch to mix in the default mood

Loxone OS, Config & App 9 – Exclusive Preview:

This is no ordinary software release for us… We’re bringing you a completely redesigned smart home app. The new design is more intuitive and streamlined with a more sophisticated look. Our motivation behind our upcoming software release was simply; improved usability with features that make your life easier at home. You don’t need to reach for an app to benefit from living in a Loxone Smart Home – but if you want to have control at your fingertips then this app will take care of it all. In short; no gimmicks, real smart homes.

Our software development team has collectively spent hundreds of hours to completely redevelop our smart home app with strict attention to detail. We’re sure you’ll agree that what they have produced puts even more intuitive control in your hands – making life in your Loxone Smart Home even more comfortable.

Loxone Smart Home App 9

Curious to find out more? Keep an eye on our blog and social media where we’ll be sharing more news ahead of the official launch of the new Loxone OS, Config and App.

Loxone OS, Config and App 9 - Countdown to release:








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