Loxone Explained: Lighting

18th February 2022 in Know How
The conventional light bulb, which can simply be switched on & off, is limited compared to how other parts of life have been improved with technology.  Nowadays, modern lighting can do much more than it could even just a few years ago. To show you how it works, we’re introducing our Loxone Explained Video series on smart lighting technology.

Part 1 – Products & Technology

To start, let’s explore which light fixtures and technologies you can use to upgrade lifestyles with intelligent functionality. We’ll discuss mistakes to avoid, details to pay attention to and more tips.

Part 2 – Lighting Design & Interacting with Lighting!

Making sure you’ve chosen the right combination of these is only half the battle. A professional lighting installation should also include a lighting design that has been thought through to the end & really takes into account how the customer is going to interact with the lighting. And this is exactly what this video will cover.

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Q&A – We’ll answer your questions on smart lighting!

If there’s anything else you’d like to know on the topic of lighting control with Loxone, drop us a comment on YouTube. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions in a special Q&A video!

Part 3 – Configuration in Loxone Config

Now that the lighting technology has been installed, we can move on to intelligently configure them. As we mentioned before, on/off will no longer cut it – but thankfully Loxone can do much, much more.

In the third part of this video series on the topic of lighting, we explain how to programme your lighting in Loxone Config, showing you how to, for example, programme intelligent dimming behaviour, configure lighting scenes for different needs and automate the behaviour of lights.

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