Bella’s Home

12th March 2018 in Case Studies
This warm and inviting smart home is where you’ll find Anish, his wife Minal, their son Pranay and daughter, Bella. We recently spent a day with them to film and photograph their Real Smart Home and find out more about the benefits of living with home automation. Dilip Varsani of DV Smarthomes was the Loxone Partner who commissioned this system. We chatted with Dilip to find out more about the features in this smart home.

Loxone Partner: DV Smarthomes

Smart lighting

Throughout this home, you’ll find smart lighting controlled with Loxone. The open plan space on the ground floor accommodates the kitchen, lounge and dining areas. Colour changing LED lighting can be found running along the width of the room either side of the skylights. An accent wall in the dining area has colour-changing lighting in the individual alcoves which can be changed to reflect the occasion. The accent lighting design extends into the kitchen where you’ll find colour changing light running underneath the countertops giving the family the option of a seemingly endless array of colours to suit their mood.

Zoned heating

This London home has zoned underfloor heating on the ground floor all controlled with Loxone. Each room on the 1st floor, as well as the main bedroom and ensuite on the 2nd floor, are heated via radiators which only turn on when heating is required in a specific room.

One of the benefits of having this multi-zoned heating is that the family don’t waste energy heating rooms that they don’t use. For example, the study doesn’t need to be heated in the morning and the guest bedroom only needs to be heated when visitors come to stay. A touch switch is placed in each room to read the temperature and ensure that the room is heated to schedule.

Multiroom audio

Another intelligently automated part of this home is multiroom audio. This home has 12 individually controllable music zones. The open plan living, dining and kitchen area, the bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the garden can be playing different music or be grouped to all play the same tracks. Being able to play the same music in the kitchen, lounge, dining area and the garden is great for when this very accommodating family are entertaining. Using the Loxone Smart Home App, the family can choose music from Spotify, Google Play, TuneIn or Airplay.

Temple Room

A special feature that you’ll find in this smart home is that a special audio track plays in the temple room twice a day. This is something that the family has set up themselves using the Autopilot Designer within the Loxone Smart Home App. This allows them to select a track from the Music Server and create a rule of what time the track should play.

Video Intercom

Another great feature of this Real Smart Home is the video intercom. If anyone rings the doorbell, the family will get a notification on their mobile phones so that they can answer the door from wherever they are – whether that is on the sofa, at work, or on holiday in Thailand. They will be able to see and speak to whoever is there. As Anish works just one street away, this is a great feature to know when to pop home when a delivery arrives.

Smart garden

The home automation features are not only inside, but extend to the garden of this Richmond home. The garden has been pre-wired for smart irrigation, ready for when the family install an irrigation system. Accent lighting in the garden is automated taking into account the amount of natural light outside, while security lighting comes on with motion when it is dark.

Another element in this smart garden controlled with Loxone is the motorised gate. The family are able to control the gate from their mobile phone using the Loxone Smart Home App – so they never need to worry about carrying around a separate remote fob. Naturally, all the other features in the garden can also be controlled via the app – including selecting a playlist for the garden speakers, great for those nights around the fire pit.

Simple control

This home has Loxone Touch switches throughout. These switches follow our recommended Switch Standard for the control of lighting, shading and multiroom audio. This means the family and their guests don’t have to navigate complicated control panels to control their smart home. A single tap on the middle touch point scrolls through the available lighting moods in that room, while a double tap turns all the lights off

The touch points in the right corners control the music; including volume, scrolling through music sources and turning the music off. In the dining area, tapping on the left corner touch points controls the shading that covers the doors leading out onto the patio.

Partner quote

There are daily benefits to living in a smart home like this. There’s energy efficiency, convenience and peace of mind. As DV Smarthomes, we are really happy with what we’ve delivered to the customer.
Dilip Varsani

Director, DV Smarthomes

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