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7th April 2022 in Technology
We’re very proud to announce that the Loxone Miniserver is now officially certified by Apple and can now boast the tag: Works with Apple HomeKit – meaning you can enjoy voice control with Siri and many other great features while still maintaining high-level security.

Hey Siri…

Change the lighting mood. Lower the blinds. Play my favourite playlist. You can now use your voice to control the same features that you would from a Touch switch and many others. There’s no longer a need to get up or pull your phone out when you want a slight change in the lighting.

With this new integration, among many other integrations in the Loxone Library, your Loxone system can work with Siri* from directly within the iOS, macOS or iPadOS Home apps: lighting, audio and much more. Simple and fast.

To start using this feature, your Loxone system needs to be running Loxone Config V or higher. If you have “Auto Update” enabled, the feature will become available automatically.

Voice control is just a small step – it’s now possible to use Function Blocks in the Apple Home app.

*This integration requires a second-generation Miniserver running V or higher.  


Data security measures

As you may already know, we place high importance on data privacy. So what happens with Siri in the room?

The system still remains secure, of course, to deliver the Loxone way. Communication happens on the local network and for any external access, an iPad or Apple TV or HomePod is required.

For example, if you are on-the-go and need to access your building through HomeKit, your iPhone will communicate with the respective device within the building via Cloud. Then communication with the Miniserver will take place locally in the network so your data, as usual, remains within the building.


Supported Function Blocks:

  • Lighting Controller
  • Automatic Blinds
  • Skylight Shades
  • Room Ventilation Controller
  • Intelligent Room Controller
  • Switch
  • Stairwell Light Switch
  • Multifunction Switch
  • Virtual Inputs (switches)
  • Audio Player (for on/off)
  • Scenes that have been defined in the app


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