Why should you care about smart AC control? Even you, AC installer!

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13. July 2023

We care a lot about reducing heating cost but not so much about cooling. The truth is, even in traditionally colder regions, the cost of running an AC may now even exceed the cost of warming up your home! And it’s not just about energy consumption. Simplifying control and sustaining a healthy temperature may significantly improve the quality of our lives. It is still overlooked – even by most AC installers, while others find it as a huge source of profit.

one woman is being cooled by a fan while the other tries to keep warm wearing a wool cap and scarf

Changing your thermostat as fast as your moods? You are losing energy, money and making your AC break down faster

The problem: We all know it – you’re coming home from work and sweaty traffic, but the first thing greeting you is a blast of hot air. You set your AC unit to 20 degrees so that the room will cool down faster. After an hour, you cover yourself with a blanket and decide it’s time to turn the temperature back up. Those frequent changes take a heavy toll on your AC unit – the heating system is working much harder to keep up with the sudden demand, you use up a lot of energy and it generally leads to a faster wear of your cooling system. So, should you set just one temperature and never touch your AC remote again? Well, you might be surprised, but this method is actually losing you as much as $200 a year! Flexible temperature settings based on your presence make the most sense, but how do you do it?

The solution: Pre-setting two main temperature scenarios is the perfect way of cutting down energy consumption and squeezing out the maximum functionality from your AC unit. It is like child play with an intelligent system like Loxone. So how does it work? You can easily set the rough time schedules of when you will be in your home; this way you will always walk into the perfectly comfortable 22℃ room, but as soon as you leave your house the AC units will switch to Eco mode – let’s say 18℃ – save you money and make sure you are getting what you ultimately have paid for: feeling cool when you need, and not too cold when you don’t want it!

a woman worried about manual AC control and a happy man relying on AC automation

Don’t look back, it’s a trap!

The problem: Have you ever caught yourself stressing out during your commute to work because you are just not 100% sure that the AC in your home has been turned off? You can just feel the sweat dripping down when you start thinking about this month’s energy usage. Or this situation: you are leaving to go out in a hurry, and still have to run around the house checking whether the AC has been turned off everywhere. Literal nightmare! Same applies to closing shift workers, hotel staff… you get the idea. Lucky for you, there is a small device that will make you not have to look back ever again.

The solution: Manually controlling your home appliances is a thing of the past. Yes, we said it! Enough switches, buttons, remotes and dozens of apps on your phone. What if we told you you will never have to think about light, shading, cooling or heating ever again. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s go even further. The thing responsible for keeping the perfect climate in your home can fit in the palm of your hand. We are talking about AC Control Air, of course. At Loxone, we believe in simplicity and effectiveness. That’s why we offer solutions that can be applied in any situation and significantly reduce energy consumption, electricity bills and lift more than a few problems off your chest!

money flies out the window and a child worries about the fate of planet earth

It is not your business to cool down the planet

The problem: When the AC is running while doors or windows are open, cool air easily escapes, and warm air from outside enters the space. This causes the AC to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, resulting in increased energy consumption. Additionally, closing doors and windows while the AC is running ensures better air circulation and more effective cooling, creating a comfortable indoor environment. It is a big problem in homes. In commercial buildings, hotels, schools… it is an energy disaster. For bank accounts and the planet.

The solution: To solve the issue you need only door and window contacts as part of an automation system together with controlling AC. In some cases, contacts are already part of the windows. Depending on the scenario it could be integrated with wire or wireless. When someone opens the door or window, the AC is turned off. You can also get notification via the mobile app or, if you also own a compatible audio system, be notified via your speakers.

man confused with difficult AC unit integration

The end of an era: Integrating & programing AC units is no daunting task any more

Starting 2023, you will no longer have to use difficult, expensive and inflexible tools to solve common problems and bring real value into your building and projects. Because of Loxone – the system known for its ease of use, reliability and wide-ranging capabilities. To help you as an AC installer, we introduced the AC Control Air and pre-made logic for plug and play integration of AC units from all major manufacturers. Energy-efficient indoor climate control has never been easier.

How to benefit from smart AC control?


Benefit as AC installer

Don’t miss a big opportunity gowing in your industry. Extend your business portfolio with easy and powerful control system for your clients. Ask about partnership with Loxone!


Benefit as AC owner

Don’t lose real value of your AC unit and even more with it. No matter if for big office project, hotel or personal use. Get a free advices and installer recommendation from Loxone.

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