Loxone company trip: Belgium 2019

10/14/2019 in Backstage
136 Loxonauts. 48 hours. 11 nations. 1 mission. For the first time in Loxone history, a complete international company trip took place. Our Loxone Benelux team planned out a special weekend full of the best spots for us to all come together for some unforgettable experiences.

136 Loxonauts walk into an airport bar. The punchline? To say the least, what comes next is an unforgettable company party in Belgium. Imagine the sight of 100+ Loxonauts from near and far all uniting for one purpose – the international success and growth of a passion they share at Loxone – no matter their cultural differences and backgrounds. All counterparts came together to realize how their similarities, differences and shared experiences (and dance moves) that fuse them both, can further strengthen team bonds internationally. Cheers to that! 

Ever since Loxone’s humble beginnings, the founders have realized this importance and invited Loxonauts to annual company excursions such as in Barcelona, London, and now Brussels. And this time, it was the first time that every single country branch has joined – even all the way from the US! Below, you can take an inside look at how our international team came together for a rewarding weekend:


Loxone Benelux | Nijlen

Loxone employees enjoying brunch together

Brunch | office & show home tour
All operations for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg take place in our Loxone Benelux office in the quaint, Flemish town of Nijlen. After enjoying a nice brunch together, we took a tour of the automated office space and show home. But before moving onto the next stop, our founders and CEO gave sentimental speeches highlighting the significance of this international trip bringing everyone together for the first time. 

Loxone employees dancing at a party
Loxone employees dancing at a party

Dinner & dancing | Antwerp
Friday night, our celebrations easily took us into Saturday morning. The entire establishment was reserved for a Loxone takeover. We spent the whole night dancing – agreed upon as the highlight of our trip. 

Aesthetic display of chocolates
Aesthetic display of chocolates

Chocolate Nation  | Antwerp
No visit to Belgium is complete without plenty of chocolate. We made sure of this by taking group tours at Chocolate Nation in Antwerp. Then we explored the city even further.

Loxone employees standing together at Grand Place
Loxone employees standing together at Grand Place

Exploring the city  | Brussels
We took in all the sights and tastes of Brussels thanks to the thoughtful planning from our Benelux team. The US team made the most of our time here with our international colleagues as we developed some great relationships and ideas together – especially beneficial for upcoming plans and projects.

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Loxone employees smiling

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