New: Touch Surface

14th November 2017 in Technology

Imagine a switch so matched to your home’s interior that it blends in, to the point of being invisible. Introducing the Touch Surface. Extraordinary control integrated directly into your home’s hard furnishings and surfaces. The Touch Surface puts Loxones revolutionary switch concept at your fingertips. Whether on a kitchen worktop, living room table or beside the pool – control your Loxone Smart Home from wherever you like.

A Variety Of Uses

The Touch Surface can be mounted to a variety of surfaces, including stone, wood, ceramics and glass – opening up endless options of how to interact with your home.



Whether your hands are wet, full of dough, or you’re in the middle of stirring that delicious peppercorn sauce – you could still control the lighting, shading, music or even the extractor fan with a few taps of the kitchen worktop.

Developed in co-operation with Strasser Steine – the Touch Surface is integrated directly into your kitchen countertop.


It simply doesn’t make sense having to stand up from your desk to control the lighting, shading or music when you’re in your study. The Touch Surface integrates all this control directly into your desk so you don’t have to get up and break concentration.


As if by magic. Mount the Touch Surface behind ceramic tiles in a bathroom to put invisible smart home control at your fingertips.

Get Creative

The options of where you could have the Touch Surface installed in your home are (almost) limitless! Whether it’s to integrate invisible control in a minimalist interior or to add that secret agent element to your man cave, the versatility of the Touch Surface is the switch solution for you.

On The Surface

The Touch Surface is at home on stone, wood, ceramic and glass with a thickness of 1-30mm.

Intuitive To Use

Our love of smart homes is reflected in everything we do to improve the way you live in your home. We put a great amount of time and passion into the development of our products. The results speak for themselves – such as this revolutionary way of controlling your home.

To get the most out of your Touch Surface, we’d recommend our Switch Standard. The centre touch point for lighting, the two touch points on the left for shading and the two touch points on the right for audio.

Unique Product Features

Touch Points

With just five touch points, the Touch Surface puts a great deal of control at your fingertips. The touch points can be freely-assigned by your Loxone Partner. Our recommendation would be our tried-and-trusted Switch Standard, the large centre touch point for lighting, the left two touch points for shading and the right two touch points for music.

Including with the device are stickers that you could use to indicate this feature set.

Activation Touch Point

You wouldn’t want to turn the lights off in the middle of rolling out the pizza dough on your kitchen worktop. That’s why we’ve included an activation function which enables the five touch points for a few seconds – giving you plenty of time to adjust the lighting or turn up the volume of your favourite song before the switch is deactivated again.

Of course, the activation touch point can be assigned to perform a different action if you’d like – perhaps turning on the extractor fan?

Status LEDs

The handy LED indicators will let you know when the five touch points are awake and give you a visual countdown to the touch points returning to standby.

Click Feedback

You can choose whether or not to have an audible click feedback to acknowledge interacting with the Touch Surface.

More Details

Eager to find out more about the Touch Surface? Head over to our webshop for more information!

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