Multiroom Audio & Music Control

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Multi room audio allows you to listen to different music in different rooms of your home or to have your music follow you as move between rooms. However, a powerful home sound system need not be intrusive. We have designed our multi room audio system to be sleek, including speakers that slot seamlessly into your ceiling, so you can enjoy great sound without the clutter.

06:30 - Good Mornin!

06:30 - Good Morning!

06:45 - Hit the shower

06:45 - Hit The Shower

19:30 - Tune Out

19:30 - Tune Out

20:00 - Goodnight

20:00 - Goodnight

Good Morning!

No more shrill alarm clock! Get up on the right side of bed with a gentle awakening from your favourite playlist or radio station.

Hit The Shower!

There's a great song on the radio, but you really need to get a move on and hit the problem! Your music will follow you wherever you go in the house, so you can sing along whilst you scrub!

Feet Up, Tune Out!

After a long day at work, you can look forward to coming home, putting your feet up and listening to a few chill-out tunes to unwind. 


With a triple click of a switch, you can turn off all the lights throughout the house and arm the burglar alarm. You can also switch off all the music too, or activate your 'goodnight' playlist to help you drift off...

Loxone Music Server - Does It All!

Perfectly suited for Smart Homes! The Loxone Music Server allows you to enjoy music from a variety of sources. You can stream your music wirelessly via Airplay and listen to different music in up to 20 zones!

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Mobile Music Control

Control your music from anywhere via the app, switch or PC browser. Skip songs, adjust the volume and more.

Mobile Music Control

Control your music from anywhere via the app, switch or PC browser. Skip songs, adjust the volume and more.

All Off

With a triple click of a switch, you can turn off all the lights and music throughout the house, as well as disabling any power-hungry devices on standby and arming the burglar alarm.

Easy Music Button

Skip songs, adjust the volume and switch source all from one's really that easy!

AV System As Alarm Siren

In case of an alarm, a siren sound is played at full volume through your speakers to deter the intruder. 

Smart Doorbell

Instead of the conventional doorbell chime, you can use any sound you like. So when someone arrives on the doorstep and rings the doorbell, you can have your favourite song play. Great for parties (and for spooking the trick-or-treaters at Halloween!)

Integrate With Your Lighting

Whether it's a cosy dinner for two or a party for twenty, you can set the mood by integrating your music with your lighting. Have the lights on about the cooker whilst you're whipping up a new recipe, then, at the flick of a switch, hide the piles of pots and pans and instead enjoy soft dimmed lighting over the table with some smooth jazz in the background.

Multiroom Audio from Loxone

Effortless Control

...from wherever you are!

Complete Integration

We've designed the Loxone Music Server to integrate seamlessly into your smart home, but if you'd prefer to use a different system such as CasaTunes or Sonos, we have a selection of templates for the most popular systems to make configuration easy!


From TVs to amplifiers, it's easy to integrate your multimedia devices into your Loxone Smart Home. We've a wide range of templates to ensure that set up is quick and painless!

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