Smart Energy Management

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The Loxone Smart Home manages energy perfectly. It helps you make the most of the electricity you produce yourself and save energy in every possible area. During the daytime you can specificially use your self-produced electricity to run appliances. At night standby devices can automatically be switched off to reduce power consumption.

Loxone Smart Home Energiemanagement

Integrate Your Solar Panels

Be independent of the rising electricity prices: integrate photovoltaic panels in your Loxone Smart Home and enjoy your own cost-effective, self-produced electricity. You can even optimise your consumption to enable appliances such as dishwashers to run automatically when free electricity is available.

Loxone Smart Home Energiemanagement

No More Island Solutions

Say goodbye to systems that can't talk to each other! In a Loxone Smart Home, your solar inverter, heating system and blinds can all work together in perfect harmony, ensuring you make optimal use of the sun's power and only pay for heat when you really need it.

Use Less, Save More

Optimise your energy consumption.

Energy Management

In a Smart Home, energy is managed and consumption is optimised. When the sun's out, your home uses the free electricity to run the dishwasher or heat the water tank. Then when the sun goes in, there's no need to buy electricity back from the grid when you want a hot shower!

Standby Killer

Your Smart Home automatically switches off devices and appliances on standby to help you save energy.

Track Your Usage

There's no need to shell out for an expensive smart meter display. You can keep an eye on how much energy you're using (and where you're using it) via the statistics function on the Loxone Smart Home app.

Instant overview

Get an instant overview of how much you're spending on your energy with the graphics and statistics function within the app.

Uncover potential energy savings

From the energy usage statistics you can identify the energy guzzlers within your home and have them switch off automatically, or run only when there's free electricity available from your solar panels.

Automatic Notifications

Receive statistics and updates on your energy production, consumption and yield via email. You can receive update as often as you like: daily, weekly, monthly or longer.

Loxone Cloud Services

Energy Saving in a
Loxone Smart Home

Discover the many ways you can optimise your energy consumption in a Loxone Smart Home by clicking the icons below.

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Loxone Smart Home Energiemanagement

The heart of your Loxone Smart Home, the Miniserver brings everything together.

Loxone Smart Home E-Ladestation
Hybrid Charging Point

Charge your electric or hybrid car automatically when free solar energy is available.

Loxone Smart Home Heizung

The right temperature in every room.

Loxone Smart Home Fernbedienung
Remote Control

Always at hand to control your Loxone Smart Home.

Loxone Smart Home Energiezähler
Energy Meter

Measures and monitors energy consumption, reports usage statistics and uncovers energy-saving potential.

Loxone Smart Home Beschattung

Control your motorised blinds, curtains and roller shutters either individually or in groups.

Loxone Smart Home Energy Verbraucher

Run appliances automatically when excess solar energy is available.

Loxone Smart Home Energy Smartphone, Tablet
Smartphone, Tablet

Control your home on the go from your mobile device.

Loxone Smart Home Energy Taster

The most important tool in the Loxone Smart Home. Controls lighting, blinds, music and more.

Loxone Smart Home Energy TV & Multimedia
TV & Multimedia

Ensure devices left on standby are switched off automatically.

Loxone Smart Home Energy Solar

Optimise the way you use your solar energy.

Loxone Smart Home Energy Licht

Lighting scenes, colourful LED strips, dimming and more.

Loxone Smart Home Energy Lüftung & Klima

Automatically controlled air flow and temperature for a pleasant indoor temperature.

Loxone Smart Home Energy Fenster- & Türkontakt
Window & Door Contact

Lower the heating automatically if a door or window is left open.

Loxone Smart Home Energy Sonnenauf- & -untergang
Sunrise & Sunset

Outdoor lighting on at sunset. Blinds up at sunrise. 

Loxone Smart Home Energy Sonnenintensität
Sun Intensity

Your Miniserver responds to sunshine brightness levels and helps regulate room temperature by adjusting the blinds.

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