Creates random on and off signals with varying delay times.


The random controller is triggered with a rising edge at input En. When En is active the on delay time before Q is activated is between 0 and TH and is randomly chosen.

If the output is active and the input En is disabled, the output Q is disabled after a random time between 0 and TL. If En is triggered again during the off delay count Q is reset and the new state on is used.

The block can be set to be retentive, this is done by clicking on the battery symbol tl_files/loxone/documentation/EN-UK/function_blocks/Untitled.png to set the red NOT dot on the block (input is by default inactive).


 If the input En is triggered and the output Q is disabled, the output Q is enabled after a random on delay from 0 – TH.
bIf En is re-triggered before the end of the random off delay the output Q remains unchanged.


When En is not triggered output Q is disabled after a random off delay from 0 – TL.