Public Beta

Wilt u graag nieuwe functies van Loxone Config of de Loxone App testen voordat deze worden uitgebracht? Nu kunnen gepassioneerde Loxone fans onze softwareversies direct testen en ons ondersteunen met waardevolle suggesties voor verbetering.


Public Beta

Wilt u graag nieuwe functies van Loxone Config of de Loxone App testen voordat deze worden uitgebracht? Nu kunnen gepassioneerde Loxone fans onze softwareversies direct testen en ons ondersteunen met waardevolle suggesties voor verbetering.

Belangrijke informatie

  • Onze Beta versie is een softwareversie die nog niet is gepland voor definitieve release. Om deze reden wordt het gebruik in kritieke productieomgevingen en installaties van klanten niet aanbevolen!
  • Gebruik alstublieft het feedbackformulier hieronder voor uw feedback over de nieuwe software. De ondersteuning behandelt alleen verzoeken voor de huidige releaseversie – Feedback in het Engels of Duits.
  • Gebruik alstublieft ons feedbackformulier niet voor functieverzoeken!
  • Houd er rekening mee dat we mogelijk niet kunnen reageren op feedback.
  •  Bij voorbaat dank voor uw steun als Beta-tester!

Loxone Config 12.2 Beta 1

Om uw Miniserver in te stellen om de Beta-versie uit te voeren, voert u het volgende commando uit:


Om uw Miniserver terug in te stellen om de Release versie uit te voeren, voert u het volgende commando uit: 


Technical Changelog Loxone Config / Miniserver

Technical Changelog Config 12.2 Beta 1 (2021.09.07):


  • A3D9-T305 Changelog Dialog: Search function added
  • A3D9-T23 Enabled color setting for rooms like its already available for categories
  • Threshold Switch & Differential Threshold Switch: Added remanence
  • A3D9-T98 Show control links in control tooltip
  • A3D9-T24 Connection Window: Added check-all checkbox
  • A3D9-T387: Modbus TCP: added support for 64-Bit Data Types
  • BG-I11618 Set language of Config via command line argument (e.g.: ‚/Language=DEU‘)
  • BG-I11587 Allow delete of all pages (one empty page will be added if all pages are deleted)
  • A3D9-T297 Alarm: Activation/Deactivation added to history
  • A3D9-T41 Better display for correction values in liveview
  • Project Planning: Free pwm output article added
  • A3D9-T27 Usermanagement dialog: Improved usability
  • Changed development language from german to english
    • New texts now will be always in english until they are translated
  • BG-I10947 Wallbox: total energy invalid when saving into miniserver during active loading process
  • BG-I11757 Wallbox: invalid number of energy-statistics shown in app
  • BG-I12178 Systemmessage when SD card is removed from Miniserver Gen.2
  • BG-I11887 Permission management: Edit access times and visualization access type in authorized users dialog of each control
  • Home Connect: Added sensor for remote start allowance
  • Permission-Management: reduced size of permission binaries and program-zipfile



  • BG-I12223 Fixed copy of plugin analog inputs
  • BG-I11763 AIs input documentation of Music Server Zone and Audio Central is not clear
  • BG-I12232 LiveView: Unit is shown on input value and on corrected value now it only shown on the corrected value
  • BG-I7154 Wallbox Standalone: adapt default limitation to 1.4 22kW
  • Sauna Vapor Controller: added automatic action: start sauna with temperature and humidity
  • BG-I12099 Automatic designer: rules executed after deleting other rules
  • BG-I12051 Weather Service: Radiation level calculation not correct
  • BG-I11651 Increased timeout for connection establishment from Config to Miniserver
  • BG-I12067 Miniserver loads emergency file after Miniserver configuration when trying to load a program with nano motor controller
  • Config locks itself out of Miniserver
  • BG-I12061 System Variable output is drawn wrong when error output is shown
  • BG-I12165 Object not correctly renamed when renaming reference on page
  • BG-I12069 Invalid file name when saving RS485 monitor
  • BG-I12141 Intercommunication receive timeout does not always set error output
  • BG-I12121 Sauna Controllers: Safety shutdown time only used in active mode but not in drying mode
  • Poolcontroller: Backwash cycle is not done the full duration
  • BG-I12132 Status: Formatting text with <v.t> adds unnecessary milliseconds
  • Poolcontroller: Backwash duration is too long when started via schedule (it includes rinse duration)
  • Config tree tooltip flickers
  • BG-I12210 Moving average: Calculated wrong when decreasing number of samples with active remanence
  • BG-I12183 Program page position jumps occasionally
  • No proper error message when already is someone connected to the Miniserver via Remote Connect
  • BG-I12091 Liveview: invalid restored value after liveview end
  • BG-I12213 Caller: new-line not handled properly
  • BG-I11836 Property-Window: added information if default value is based on room-type
  • BG-I12209 Energy-Generator: changes of storage-inputs are not applied immediately
  • BG-I12097 Energy-Generator: allow 3 digits for autopilot-conditions using Power
  • Proxy (Audioserver, Intercom) may cause high cpu usage
  • BG-I11748 Hide visu settings of virtual input when its not used on a page
  • New Firmware Version for NFC Code Touch Tree (bug when learning NFC ID)
  • New Firmware Version for Button Air (blinking did not work when used together with bulgar alarm)
  • BG-I11920 Shade Roof: invalid handling of Parameter Ae
  • Increased watchdog timeouts when loading sps
  • BG-I12044 Project Planning US: Smokedetector is automatically added in new rooms
  • BG-I12025 Renaming reference with a number at the end automatically increases the number
  • BG-I12050 System Variable Rain not working reliable
  • BG-I11997 Project Analysis: Connecting a T5 to a Mailer, Logger, Caller,.. is shown as error
  • BG-I11966 Changing external address overwrites external http port
  • BG-I11977 Intercom/Doorcontroller reference to device gets lost when configuring Miniserver
  • BG-I12000 HVAC Controller: Mode toggles between heating and cooling when Tmin is very small and fan overrun time is still active
  • BG-I11688 A pulse on the reset input results the control being shown immediately as locked in the app
  • BG-I12023 Automatic Designer config crash
  • Detection if app connection is local not working when using IPv6
  • Intercom improvements
  • BG-I11954 Project Analysis: T5 connection to shade roof is shown as invalid connection
  • BG-I11922 Color popup in property window has invalid tooltip
  • BG-I10910 Poolcontroller: Backwash cycle only started once via schedule, all following activations dont work
  • IR Meter Interface: IEC62056 Allow communication with 19200 baud
  • BG-I11926 Config locks itself out of Miniserver when password has changed
  • Device secure connection establish (Audioserver, intercom) is aborted when unexpected data is received
  • Device status not expanded when Audioserver is offline
  • BG-I11814 Wrong error message in config when Miniserver can’t establish connection to remote connect server
  • BG-I11864 Document tree not resorted when changing cabinet position of Miniserver
  • BG-I11831 Gateway stops working when setting http port to 8080
  • BG-I11875 Miniserver search does only display Miniserver hostname but not Miniserver name
  • BG-I9865 Permission-Management: Controls located on Gateway-Clients are not removed from Loxapp when removing user from permitted user-groups
  • BG-I7276 Permission-Management: Controls without permissions visible in app (Gateway-Clients)
  • BG-I9371 Permission-Management: Controls on Gateway-Clients are not visible for user when room is changed
  • BG-I11653 AddOns: No permissions available for analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs
  • A3D9-T406 AddOns: Devices now set offline when AddOn is set offline
  • BG-I11842 Program shown as identical when loading with a newer version from the Miniserver
  • BG-I11779 Miniserver does not establish a proper connection to the Audioserver
  • Connections get lost when cutting objects like memory flags from the page
  • BG-I11501 Presence-Control: pulse outputs not turned off after reset
  • BG-I11482 EnergyManager: outputs not visible in app when adding connections without opening dialog
  • BG-I11518 Connector-letters on Extension IO’s do not have appended numbers
  • BG-I11523 Central Roof Window: input WP not working
  • BG-I11416 Irrigation control: Outputs now are not shown/hidden intelligently anymore
  • Room background color setting has invalid description
  • BG-I11528 Operating times ribbon dropdown has a non working button
  • BG-I11535 Known Issue only clickable on link icon
  • BG-I11584 Invalid error message when changing referenced input on a reference
  • BG-I11526 Tree Control: Hidden items get shown
  • BG-I11606 Control-Notes bubble appears on wrong position
  • BG-I11488 BasicAuthorization rejected if password contains ‚:‘
  • BG-I11531 SD Format: Miniserver type is now automatically selected depending on selected backup
  • BG-I11532 Network device learning: Don’t automatically create device when its configured in learning dialog
  • BG-I11597 Client Backup very slow when connected externally
  • BG-I11519 Can’t format SD card for Miniserver Gen.1 if SD card has no mountable partition
  • BG-I11698 Control notes text is not properly limited to 500 characters
  • BG-I11699 Smoke/Water Alarm: Alarm suppression is not remanent
  • A3D9-T20 Set Alarm mode of movement sensors when alarm is armed delayed
  • BG-I11690 Edge Detection: Falling Edge immediately deactivates Qon and vice versa
  • BG-I11686 Tree Control displays partially empty tooltip
  • BG-I11631 Drastically improved performance of system status request, which has caused connection aborts when many messages are active
  • BG-I11673 Cancelling closing of Config causes lockup of most functions
  • Miniserver CPU usage not updated and monitor not working properly
  • BG-I11720 Alarm: Delayed on time not updated in visualization
  • BG-I11610 System Scheme: scale slider not set properly
  • BG-I11562 Load Manager: Loads not immediately shedded when exceeding maximum a second time
  • BG-I11629 Setting Miniserver to DHCP does not update internal address
  • A3D9-T340 Dali devices not sorted in settings of dali group
  • A3D9-T340 No dali device count in tree visible
  • BG-I11567 User Settings now can be stored in different files
  • BG-I11766 Project Planning: Product unavailable warning is shown when exporting partlist to shop csv for items that are no products
  • BG-I11460 Door Controller: Video not working via remote connection to gateway, when object is on a client
  • A3D9-T327 Plugin devices not in device status (e.g. HomeConnect)
  • BG-I11808 Status object always creates an edge on AQ when the condition changes
  • Removed automatic set of internal ip address when saving to Miniserver since it is a hidden feature and overrides setting set by customer
  • BG-I11722 Intercommunication: Received packets get lost on Miniserver Gen.1
  • BG-I11659 Schedule, AAL Smart Alarm & Emergency Alarm: Reset does not deactivate active timer
  • BG-I11814 No proper error message when Config connection fails because Miniserver is unable to establish a connection to the remote connect server
  • SD format type preselection not working on intercom
  • BG-I11834 Setting edit dialog: Multi edit is only applied to first item when entering invalid value
  • Updated HomeConnect
    • Updated translations
    • Internal improvements, updated documentation
  • Miniserver Replace dialog size too small in some cases
  • BG-I12246 Enocean Serials are not validated for duplicates
  • Filter banner not shown in document tree
  • BG-I12249 Size of diagnostic dialogs too big

Automatic Designer

  • BG-I11716 Automatic Scene: no structure-update when changing description or visuPwd-Flag
  • BG-I11625 Automatic Rule Klimacontroller: changed mode to Dropdown
  • BG-I11607 Automatic Rule positioned on wrong page when loading from miniserver
  • BG-I11758 Automatic Scene: icon-adaption via Expert-Mode not shown in „edit scene“
  • BG-I11625 Action for Climate-Controller „set Mode“ changed to dropdown
  • BG-I11374 Control is not shown as unconfigured when messaging-actions are incomplete
  • BG-I11444 invalid rule-configuration after editing rule
  • BG-I11799 digital virtual input has no capabilities in app
  • BG-I11935 Hourcounter: automatic rule conditions do not consider time unit
  • BG-I11434 Allow Copy/Paste of Automatic Rules
  • BG-I11507 Automatic Designer Rule: checkbox „notify on execution“ can’t be unselected in config

Intelligent Roomcontroller

  • BG-I11537 Outdoor-temperature not considered when already in eco-mode
  • BG-I11975 Inherit capabilities of Climate-Controllers if no heat/cool outputs are used
  • BG-I11878 System Messages are triggered even if there is no IST temperature connected (Controller cant work without IST temperature)
  • BG-I12140 Unconfigured control has no info-element in property-window
  • BG-I11470 Capabilities for Ventilation should be Heating and Cooling
  • Don’t activate comfort temperature by movement when window is opened


  • BG-I11918 Output number > 12 may not be usable
  • BG-I11903 Unmixing via P/x not executed
  • BG-I11888 Mixing of sequencer not started immediately
  • Use Warmwhite instead of RGB White when using I1-I4 or when no AllOn-Mood is configured
  • BG-I12138 Dialog: invalid chars can be used in moodnames
  • BG-I11974 Mode change after change via AIs incorrect
  • BG-I11570 Invalid Presence-Mood selected after reset


  • BG-I11533 Stereo Extensions are shown in network device search
  • Audioserver proxy is now closed faster when connection is idle (App has disconnected)
  • BG-I12006 Audio Player Ids not adapted when importing client document
  • BG-I12135 Audio Player: DisP does not turn off music
  • BG-I11982 Audio Player: commands from central Music accepted when Reset is active
  • AudioCentral / Musicplayer-Group: Commands not reliable if Players are located on different Miniservers
  • BG-I11486 Project Analysis: Audio Player group shows invalid connection when something is connected to T5
  • Audioserver: Increased debouncing for pairing error systemmessage

Auto Configuration

  • BG-I11644 Pulse at for sleep mode has no proper name
  • BG-I11774 Auto Config can create duplicate mode output reference


  • Only NFCs of first trust member work
  • BG-I12211 Trust NFCs not working on a Miniserver Gen.1 client


  • Various config crashes
    • BG-I11512
    • BG-I11515
    • BG-I11545
    • BG-I11619
  • BG-I11781 Config crash caused by project analysis
  • BG-I11783 Config crash when creating new connection
  • BG-I11833 Crash when creating Air device
  • BG-I11786 Miniserver reboot when extension is invalid
  • BG-I11609 Fixed high GDI object usage, causing config crash when having a lot of custom icons
  • BG-I11724 Config crash when disconnecting from Miniserver
  • BG-I11705 Config crash when opening invalid or too big file
  • BG-I11708 Config crash during open of file from a non existent volume
  • Config Crash when hiding diagnosis inputs and then deleting device
  • Plugin Handling: Fixed access to invalid pointers
  • BG-I11896 Config crash when deleting auto pilot rule
  • Miniserver reboot when using trust and entering a code on the NFC Code Touch
  • BG-I12064 Config crash when creating dali devices
  • Fixed safety reboot caused by lockup in auto pilot
  • BG-I12161 Config crash when changing light moods when simulation is active
  • BG-I12143 Config crash in EIB monitor
  • BG-I12144 Config crash in tree sorting
  • BG-I12114 Config crash when deleting user in document creation dialog
  • BG-I12048 Occasional FTP Watchdog reboot on Miniserver Gen.1
  • BG-I12171 Config crash in light controller dialog
  • Config crash when closing directly after start
  • Miniserver memory leaks
  • Improved recovery after syn-flood attacks

Loxone Audioserver Beta

Om uw Audioserver in te stellen om de Beta-versie uit te voeren, voert u het volgende commando uit:


Zodra het commando is gevalideerd, kunt u de updates uitvoeren via de Audioserver webinterface.
Als uw Audioserver al een Beta-versie heeft, kunt u toekomstige updates starten met de Loxone App.

Offline update: 

Als u geen actieve internetverbinding heeft voor uw Audioserver, kunt u het UDP-bestand importeren via het delen van het netwerk. In Windows heeft u toegang tot deze mapstructuur door in de Windows Verkenner-balk het IP-adres of de hostnaam in het volgende formaat in te voeren:


\\IP-Audioserver of \\hostname


Kopieer vervolgens het bestand naar de map ‘Updates’ en kort daarna wordt de update automatisch geïnstalleerd. De Audioserver zal dan herstarten en de Beta-versie uitvoeren …

Om uw Audioserver terug te zetten naar de Release versie, voert u het volgende commando uit: 


Technical Changelog Loxone Audioserver

Technical Changelog Loxone Audioserver Beta (2021.04.27):


  • Audio player now fully supports control presets (save and restore)


  • NAS Samba version detection (Synology NAS Firmware differences)
  • SPDIF conversion, especially fixes stuttering when using SPDIF converter/adapter


  • TTS stuck events
  • TTS generate same messages in parallel causes crapped files
  • TTS hang events & restoring
  • TTS volume slider to 0 caused a crash of Audioserver
  • TTS empty files
  • delay for TTS and other events
  • crash with spotify
  • deadlock with source stream changes
  • Airplay recovery after audioserver reboot
  • playlist shuffle mode for library playlist
  • Communication Bug to Miniserver causing external Connections not working to Audioserver
  • AirPlay configuration with stereo outputs on Audio Extensions

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