Public Beta

Staat u te popelen om nog niet uitgebrachte Beta versies te testen? Wenst u mee te helpen aan de verbetering van onze Smart Home oplossing? Uw toewijding en betrokkenheid helpen ons hierbij. Vanaf nu kan elke techniekfan onze software versies onmiddellijk testen en waardevolle suggesties doen ter verbetering.

Download Beta

Test onze nieuwe software versies nog voor hun release en help ons zo dankzij uw feedback de nieuwe functionaliteiten te verbeteren.

Belangrijke opmerkingen

  • Onze bètaversie is een softwareversie die nog niet is gepland voor definitieve release. Om deze reden wordt het gebruik in kritieke productieomgevingen en installaties van klanten niet aanbevolen!
  • Gebruik alstublieft het feedbackformulier hieronder voor uw feedback over de nieuwe software. De ondersteuning behandelt alleen verzoeken voor de huidige releaseversie – Feedback in het Engels of Duits.
  • Gebruik alstublieft ons feedbackformulier niet voor functieverzoeken!
  • Houd er rekening mee dat we mogelijk niet kunnen reageren op feedback.

Bij voorbaat dank voor uw steun als bètatester!

Loxone Config

De nieuwste functionaliteiten op een rijtje: 

  • Nieuw gebruikersbeheer
  • Herziene apparaatstatus
  • Nieuw autoconfiguratie dialoogvenster
  • Nieuw lijnmanagement
  • Nieuwe bouwsteen: alarmketen


Loxone Smart Home Visu

Gloednieuwe app-features vooraf testen:

  • Zoeken en inleren van Air producten via de App
  • Inloggen via biometrische sensoren
  • Beheer van de gebruikersrechten
  • Snelheidsoptimalisatie van de Loxone Apps
Loxone Config / Miniserver Changelog

Public Beta


New Function blocks
  • BG-T778 Added roof window control object
  • Command recognition
  • Pulse by
Automatic Blind
  • Added Door-Input: Triggers complete up and disables all central commands targeting this function block.
Alarm Chain
  • BG-T822 Changed placeholder for text inputs from ‚<v1>‘ to ‚<vt1>‘ and for alarm start time from ‚<vs>‘ to ‚<vton>‘.
  • Added new input for confirmation and new outputs for confirmation time and originator
  • BG-T794 SD card: Added Systemstatus message if SD card is full
  • Systemstatus: Miniserver LED does not show info any more, only warnings, important and critical messages
  • BG-I2285: Added Systemstatus message: Caller used without a phone-number
  • Added possibility to disable an user.
  • Added possibility to have active a user until a specified date.
Project Planning
  • BG-I2341 New polish project planning default file
  • BG-T786 Project Planning: Added 5A Relais to light options
  • BG-T797 Add garage and cellar to project planning
  • New default french project planning file
  • BG-T418: New auto configuration dialog
  • BG-T192 Auto-Config: Todo for motor lock on NFC access control
  • BG-T862 Auto config Reset good night mode at 8 o’clock
NFC Code Touch
  • BG-T820 NFC Code Touch: Added text outputs for „what“ and „when“
  • BG-T664 Added Two-Factor-Authentication
  • BG-T895 Sort excel part list by product category
  • BG-T829 Auto Update: Added possibility to update Miniserver via App if Autoupdate is
  • BG-T380 Possibility to hash passwords with SHA256 (is not yet enabled since an app update is necessary)
  • BG-T707 Config: Added possibility to report crashes by saving and sending dump files
  • BG-T674 Caption bar redesign
  • BG-T861 VirtualInput: Automatic change to analog when connecting to analog object
  • BG-T826 Introduce postcode for customer location
  • Added new language: CHS – Chinese Simplified (Translation work in progress)
  • Added webservice /jdev/sys/appinitinfo – will be used in future for faster app connection
  • BG-T860 Optimize sizing of page selection window
  • BG-T859 Add possibility to set constants on inputs of math objects
  • BG-T727 Detect static calculations of math objects
  • BG-T890 Convert constant operations into constants
  • BG-T882 Switch value inputs of comparison objects to parameters
  • BG-T871: Rearranged texts shown in tooltip boxes when hovering over control ios
  • BG-T709: Amount of free device slots for air base and tree extension are displayed in tree
  • BG-I2639 Increased clouddns update intervall to 10 minutes
  • Reworked update file handling


Fixes & Changes

  • BG-I2935 Lightcontroller: light-sequence restarted after turning off lights
  • BG-I2751 Lightcontroller: Start Mt-Timer on end of Buzzer
  • BG-I2722 Lightcontroller not working in visu with brand new document
  • BG-I2553 Heat/Coolmode not started
  • BG-I2936 Reset is only executed on Edge of Stop-Input
  • BG-I2586 Hide Parameters TLimC / TLimH if outdoor-temperature is not used
  • BG-I2833 Changes to default mode after reboot
Intelligent Room-Controller
  • BG-I2840 Digital Statistic-Options shown in PWM-Mode
  • Force Mode toggles prepare-phase near target-temperature
  • Fixed forced PWM-Outputvalue while Climate-Controller is shutting down
  • BG-I2950 Intelligent Room-Controller Gen1: QS does not consider sunshine-state in simulation
  • BG-I2573 Fixed recognition of different master
  • BG-I2669 Setmaster not working for certain device-versions
  • BG-I2670 Invalid state during high load
  • BG-I2661 no state-updates after bell is started via doorcontrollar AND object input
  • BG-I2352: pause/stop input triggers WOL
  • BG-T713: Adapted default-tts volume
  • BG-I2130: Fixed Selection of Musicserver-Zone after changing place/cat
  • BG-I2130: control object loses focus after changing setting
  • BG-I2637 Fixed crash with invalid cycle times
  • BG-I2583 Fixed manual cycle rest time during day change
  • BG-I2598 Return to Filter position after quitting service mode
  • BG-I2618 Fixed disable of drain valve during backwash cycle when changing relays
Project Planning
  • BG-I2723 Improved speaker calculation (result is rounded to 0, 1, 2, 4, …)
  • BG-I2970 Power consumption calculation for Nano 2 Relay Tree wrong
  • Space requirement for 120V Dimmer was not set
  • BG-I2676 Project Planning: Changed type of child´s room to sleep-room
Multiline Edit Dialog
  • BG-I2532 Added information about edited setting
  • BG-I2556 Sorted list of available column filters alphabetically
  • Fixed Dropdown menus not beeing sorted
  • Fixed whole column beeing assigned to new value ‚different assignements‘ when a dropdown of a column with different assigments was clicked and nothing selected
  • BG-I2627 Fixed crash when editing company logo
  • BG-I2651 Fixed crash when editing a setting of multiple controls
  • BG-I2804 Changing combo box texts doesn’t save when clicking off

Line Management Optimizations

  • BG-I2648: Use control object grid also as line grid
  • BG-I2608: Draw branch points from selected lines fat
  • BG-I2607: Use line colors also for branch points
  • BG-I2694: Size of branch points is wrong in certain constellations
Miscellaneous Function Blocks
  • BG-I3011 Solarpump: Fixed display of configuration depending inputs.
  • Solarpump: Fixed update of Status outputs if
  • BG-I2585 Smoke Alarm: Fixed pre alarm continuing after automatic cancellation
  • BG-I2469 Energy Manager: Reworked description
  • BG-I2579: Ventilation: increased temperature control parameters for faster response
  • BG-I2566 Ping: Added payload to echo requests
  • Memory: not all needed events are sent
  • BG-I2681 Wallbox: Limitation changes during loading process
  • BG-I2742 AutomaticBlind: do not hide parameter MA for Rollo
  • BG-I2886 Internorm Fan: humidity input without location
  • BG-I2856 Formula object: INT function erroneous
  • BG-T810 Rename Min Max control objects into better fitting names
  • Autojalousie: Fixed not sent events directly after adding it to project
  • BG-T787 Remove block RGB Lightscene (existing objects will still work)
Miscellaneous Devices
  • BG-I2831 Fixed Touch Nightlight snoozing and ringing after start packet
  • BG-I2975 Fixed slewrate setting for dimmer outputs
  • Valve Air, Presence Air and NFC Code Touch Air: fixed automatic frequency change
  • BG-I2883 Touch & Grill: Fixed corrupted device structure in rare situations
  • BG-I2593 & BG-I2594: AquastarAir: Fixed problem with active pump during position change
  • BG-I2226 Shading Actuators identify click at deselection
  • BG-I2719: NFC Code Touch: input error infos visible in XML
  • BG-I2536 Touch & Grill: Fixed crashes after changing external address of Miniserver
  • BG-I2705 Touch Nightlight: Fixed display brightness changing after Miniserver reboot
  • BG-I2645 Intercom-XL: Fixed 1-wire usage on a gateway – (1-Wire commands were not handled when no doorcontroller was inserted)
  • IR Meter Interface: Fixed read of Logarex energy meter (Meter does not completely conform to the norm)
Miscellaneous Miniserver
  • BG-I3010 Systemstatus: Fixed messages for insecure passwords
  • BG-I2976 Fixed search results when Miniserver name contains serial
  • BG-I2966 Fixed invalid reboot reason after an update
  • Fixed disable of debug monitor when maximum time has elapsed
  • Multiple memory leaks fixed
  • BG-I2596 Removed Monitorserver from Miniserver
  • BG-I2909 Usermanagement: changes not forwarded to gateway-clients
  • BG-I2898 Fixed replacing of json-wildcards in loxapp3
  • A73C-T284 Added timeouts for reboot handling
  • A73C-T284 Fixed locked file system during update
  • BG-T843 Increased speed of initial events from Miniserver to app
  • BG-I2930 Device safety shutdown: Fixed Systemstatus messages for safety shutdown not disappearing after resolving
  • BG-I2766/BG-I2828 Gateway: Fixed sporadic reboot during creating/deleting users via app
  • BG-I1224 Virtual HTTP Input: Improved error & timeout handling
  • BG-I2753 Fixed mail not beeing sent on security reboot
  • Improved pairing of Air devices and online state handling
  • BG-I2802 ExpertMode: fixed removal of control from visu
  • BG-I2763 Deactivate intercom visu outputs if keep alive pulses from app are missing
  • BG-I2740 Remanence for Presence control object not working
  • BG-I2737 Update of visu settings for room category types via app not working
  • BG-I2708 Gateway/Client: Fixed sporadic reboot when changing serial of client and saving to Miniserver
  • BG-I2720 not all States for Systemvariable sent
  • BG-I2678 Fixed mail client not opening on security reboot
  • BG-I2680 Sending of weather-forecast data blocked
  • fixed route usermanagement-webservices in gateway-systems
  • BG-I2665 Gateway/Client: Don’t send states of client to app when client has not yet updated them
  • BG-I2597 Fixed Air search on client gateway with multiple miniserver go
  • BG-I2526: Fixed Remanence of Objects with simulation-type „opener“
  • BG-I2514: Fixed Remancence of Roomcontroller in Manual mode
  • BG-I2153: Fixed Identify in Gateway-Learning
  • Increased Crypto Performance by using a seperate memory management
  • Increased RSA decryption speed
  • BG-I2524 Push Notifications: Fixed not working notifications with “ in title or Miniserver name
Miscellaneous Loxone Config
  • BG-I2156 Improve algorithm for renaming childs in periphery tree
  • BG-I3017 Fixed login with passwords in websocket upgrade
  • Fixed URL encoding in config
  • Fixed focus problem in format dialog
  • BG-I2962 Fixed learning of IR commands
  • BG-I2977 Fixed unit of dimmer outputs
  • BG-I2928 Fixed sensitivity setting of analog inputs
  • BG-I2941 Message when same user is already connected via config
  • BG-I2961 Fixed possible crash when drawing connection reference
  • BG-I2418 Increased timeout during transfer of large files to Miniserver
  • BG-I2973 Hide references that should be hidden (conversion of invalid documents)
  • BG-I2123 EIB Sensor/Actors cannot be pasted with statistic mailer enabled
  • BG-I2860 Fixed config crash during search
  • BG-I2903 Fixed backup of update files
  • BG-I2875 Fixed possible crash after open of document
  • BG-I2867 Documentation: Fixed uncorrectly displayed special characters
  • BG-I2781 Device Updates: Fixed wrong device shown in Systemstatus message
  • BG-I2878 Miniserver connection check is not updated when reopening project overview window
  • BG-I2890 Overlay handling when assigning control objects erroneous
  • BG-I2907 Adjusting room for dummy device in Learning Dialog opens room edit dialog
  • A73C-T9 Create analog output extension when converting Miniserver to Miniserver Go
  • BG-I2703 Fixed non utf8 characters in room combobox in learning dialogs
  • BG-I2841 Miniserver replacement: Fixed crash when simulation was active
  • Fixed crash with invalid event IDs
  • BG-I2855: Config crash on leaf copy-paste
  • BG-I2757: False detection of double EIB address
  • BG-I2707: Wrong sorting in dali settings
  • BG-I2847 Documentation: Fixed < and > not displayed correctly
  • BG-I2822 Wrong description of NFC Code Touch ToDo from Auto Configuration
  • BG-I2805 Drop down lists for room and category of control object not fully visible on page bottom position
  • BG-I2969 Miniserver are listed in the wrong room category in part list
  • BG-I2779 Unable to remove user from admin group
  • BG-I2696 Input & Output References: Fixed remaining hidden input & output references
  • BG-I2733 Config crashes when assigning control objects on pages with connection references
  • BG-I2713 Config crashes when changing meter type of air meter
  • BG-I1932 Miniserver configuration: Name not changed without saving to Miniserver
  • Update: Increased wait time for updating of clients
  • Partlist-generator: Use 120V Dimmer when using Loxone Config on american english
  • BG-I2746 Fixed config crash during liveview
  • BG-I2748 Fixed config crash when closing during Miniserver search
  • BG-I2642 Config-Crash when changing actor-type
  • BG-I2630 Config-Crash when deleting musicserver
  • BG-I2744 Config Crash when searching for KNX on Miniserver Go
  • BG-T806 Optimize speed of Auto Configuration
  • BG-I2695: Auto Config – Memory for „Leave room“ is not created in rooms without leave room application
  • BG-I2656: Selection rectangle drawn twice in simulation and live view
  • BG-I2563: Positioning of connection references wrong when connecting control objects on the bottom end of the page
  • BG-I2672: Wrong ceiling light type in projectplanning in US
  • BG-I2575: Wrong description text for „assigned device“ setting of access control object
  • BG-I2657: Scroll bar position is reset after activating/deactivating user group in NFC Code Touch configuration dialog
  • BG-I2595: Customer location data not correctly set in miniserver configuration dialog
  • BG-I2419: Device pairing dialog too large for small monitors
  • BG-I2567: Control objects not sorted alphabetically in project ribbon
  • BG-I2564: Improvements for assigning control objects => align connected control objects
  • BG-I2628 Fixed config crash when doing a config update while document is closing
  • BG-I2081 Device Status: Fixed icon of Music Server UPNP zones
  • Fixed Property window unwanted unselection of control (invalid editing behavior)
  • BG-I2619 Device Status: Fixed devices sometimes being not marked for update
  • BG-I2638 Cover Pages: Fixed AO Extension not showing a correct cover page
  • BG-I2613 Fixed config-crash when editing project properties
  • Fixed refresh of property-window after changing analog/digital-settings
  • BG-I2602 Auto-Config: Fixed ‚House Enter‘ action when ‚Away‘-mode was not active
  • Real Smart Home Check: Add Nano2Relay Tree as valid shading actuator
  • BG-I2581: Config-crash after removing user from current selected group
  • BG-I2515 LiveView/Simulation: Fixed wrong button arrangement of Remote
  • BG-I2572 Documentation: Fixed images not shown
  • BG-I2596 Removed Monitorserver from Loxone Config
  • BG-I2806 Fixed unit of gusts weather input
Loxone Smart Home Visu Changelog

Public Beta 10.3 (2019.07.30)


  • Improved UserManagement:
    • Share users
    • User Management: Users can now be easily managed via the app
    • The „User-ID“ can be edited for any user
  • DeviceLearning: Now it’s possible to replace / add air devices without the Loxone Config
  • Login: Users can authenticate via Biometric ID (Face or Touch ID) when the users password is been requested (UserManagement, ExpertMode, Miniserver Reboot, Relogin, …)
  • Visualisation-Password: Supported iOS and Android devices are able to authenticate via Biometric sensors (Fingerprint or Facescanners)
  • Search: New Feature will be promoted in the „New“ section
  • Search: Added Systemstate in „Tools“ section
  • ChangePasswordScreen: BG-T716: Improved UI for better user experience
  • AppRating: Actively ask for feedback to keep improving our App
  • CredentialScreen: Invalid passwords will be selected to quickly replace them
  • Systemstate: Changed information color from green to blue
  • Miniserver Connection: Improved connection speed


  • Per Device Settings: BG-I688: Settings did not apply on the House“-tab
  • IntercomControl: BG-I2380 Intercom automatically acknowledged the bell if the settings or activity screen has been presented
  • ClimateController: BG-I2349: „Bad connection“ Popup if a temperature has been changed and the app has been closed and reopened again
  • FaceID: BG-I2394: Code fallback instead of Face ID authentication on newly installed versions
  • FaceID: BG-I2368: Wrong Biometric type in description on iPad Pro with Face ID
  • Login: BG-I2392: The remaining block time was displayed in seconds
  • Systemstate: BG-I2427: Fixed overlapped text if control name was to long or device to slim
  • General: BG-I2382, BG-I2474: Fixed overlapping of UI elements on small iOS devices like iPhone SE
  • EcoScreen: BG-I2433: Fixed scrollbar on Chromium based browsers
  • SearchScreen: Fixed misaligned searchbar
  • LightV2Control: BG-I2335: Cell has been in selected state after a mood change has been recorded as quick action or NFC action
  • General: Improved tap handling for elderly people (They usually tap a bit longer)
  • IRCv2: BG-I2422: Minimal absent temperature was equal to the maximal absent temperature
  • UserManagement: Fixed app UI crash when closing and reopening the app while in the UserManagement UserManagement: Overall UI Adoptions (Strings, iPhone X adoptions)
  • UpdateDialog: Will be shown again
  • UpdateDialog: Apps using the alpha/test update level will display the alpha/test changelog instead of the beta changelog
  • Adopted translations for Energy Monitor
  • Tracker: BG-I2675: Fixed overflowing tracker entries if words are too long
  • General: BG-I2685: Improved hyphenation for long words or character chains
  • Statistic: BG-I2576: Will display correct value if the value didn’t change for a full period
  • Push Notifications: Couldn’t open push notification settings
  • ExpertMode: BG-I2761: User was unable to navigate back from an ExpertMode sub-setting like the statistic interval
  • ExpertMode: Fixed „Couldn’t verify value“ popup if the user canceled a permission popup (Biometric ID or regular password request) after changing a value before closing and re-opening the app
  • ExpertMode: Will correctly be dismissed if the user cancels an authentication request after closing and re-opening the app
  • Intercom: Fixed multiple ongoing video streams on macOS, Linux and Windows if two independent Intercoms are opened sequentially in a short period in between
  • NFC Code Touch History: BG-T664: Added visualization for two-factor authentication
  • Desktop App Update Process: BG-I2775: Improved the update processes UI/UX on our Desktop apps (macOS, Windows, Linux)
  • Controls General: Prevent text from touching the buttons outer perimeters
  • Biometric ID: BG-I2769: The Touch ID or Face ID permission is requested when activating either the biometric visualization password, biometric user password or the app security feature (lock app with biometric ID)
  • CredentialScreen: BG-I2770: Navigating to the password input using the tab key
  • Ventilation Control: BG-I2760: Issues in navigation if a timer has been set
  • IRCv2: BG-I2692: The timeline displayed the wrong day if an entry has been started at around 11pm
  • DaytimerControl: BG-I2774: Fixed rendering issue on Apple Webkit Safari Desktop when animating the calender legend in
  • Localized Numeral Format: BG-I2559: Countries with other number formats other then US, England and Germany used the England format. All available countries use the correct localization now
  • Notification History Screen: BG-I2782: Missing Texts when the notification title or message contained „<“ or „>“
  • ServiceMessageScreen: BG-I2444: Updated UI to match current app design
  • General: Linebreaks won’t be added after an uppercase letter followed by one or more lower case letters
  • AlarmControl: BG-I2874: Only the latest four history entries were shown during the alarm was active
  • Animation Screen: BG-I2908: Added missing description
  • Change AccessCode: BG-I2702: Added Popup for too many requests in five minutes
  • Music Server Zone: BG-I2759: Popups appear in zones they don’t belong to
  • MusicServerZone: BG-I2317: Zones room names not shown in volume control list
  • MusicServerZone: BG-I2434: Volume control list was not scrollable
  • MusicServerZone: BG-I2686: Only first favorite of ’n‘ was deleted
  • Statistic: BG-I2897, BG-I2175: Hovering value indicator when moving over a gap in the bar graph
  • IRCv2: BG-I2774: Legend has been displayed underneath the calender entries on iOS devices
  • IRCv2: Legend did stutter when hiding it again Switch User: BG-I2979: An error message has been displayed when switching the current user on the Windows desktop application
  • LightControllerV2: BG-I2959: Two colors are the mandatory minimum after exceeding two colors
  • IRC V2: BG-I2879: Unwanted navigation to statistic screen if „+“ or „-“ button have been missedWindows Desktop: BG-I3015: Correct file filters when saving a file

Automatische Beta Updates

Om automatische Beta Updates uit te voeren, gaat u als volgt te werk:

  1. Open uw browser
  2. Voer volgende webservice op de Miniserver uit: <IPminiserver>/dev/cfg/updatelevel/Beta
  3. Om terug naar Automatic Level Release te gaan, voert u het volgende in: <IPminiserver>/dev/cfg/updatelevel/Release

Nu feedback verzenden

    • Wanneer u dit formulier verzendt, gaat u akkoord met bovenstaande mededelingen.