Aggiornamento: Loxone App 12.0 & Audioserver

Ester Ruiz Marimon
Gennaio 20, 2021 in Tecnologia
L’aggiornamento software gratuito della Loxone App 12.0 e l’ultima versione del software per l’Audioserver possono ora essere scaricati. L’aggiornamento dell’app contiene numerose innovazioni che migliorano l’esperienza dell’utente. L’aggiornamento software per l’Audioserver include correzioni di bug che ne migliorano la stabilità. Tutti i dettagli tecnici di entrambe le versioni del software si trovano nei changelog.

Loxone App 12.0


  • Eco Screen rimane attivo fino a quando la musica è in riproduzione (solo iOS e Android).
  • I testi dei suggerimenti vengono visualizzati nell’app nel rispettivo modulo.
  • Controlli di illuminazione: le icone mostrano quale stato d’animo è collegato a un rilevatore di presenza/di movimento o alla sveglia.
  • L’URL del flusso video può ora essere copiato direttamente dall’interno dell’app.
  • Un changelog si mostra automaticamente non appena l’app viene avviata per la prima volta dopo l’aggiornamento.

Requisiti di sistema: 

  • Dispositivi Android con versione 6 o successiva
  • iPhone/iPad con iOS 13 o successivo (le versioni precedenti rimangono sulla versione 11.0)
  • AppleWatch con watchOS 6 o successivo
  • Siri Scorciatoie: watchOS 7 o successivo
  • macOS con la versione OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) fino a macOS Catalina
Technical Changelog App 12


  • Eco-Screen: R12-T721: Screen remains bright, as long as music is playing (iOS & Android only).
  • General: R12-T698: Hint-Texts provided for function blocks via Loxone Config will now be shown in the screens inside those function blocks.
  • Intercom About Screen: You now can copy values like the stream url or such to your clipboard
  • Light-Controller: R12-T699, R12-T756: Icons show if moods are used for presence/motion-detectors or for the alarm clock.


  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1328: Smaller covers on Firefox based browsers
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1453: Wouldn’t add whole playlist to queue when playing a single item from a playlist
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1403: Prevent to add anything then local items to a local Playlist
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1440: occasional stuck on Audio Player
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1446: To strict Spotify cache, Unfollowed items may still be visible in the app
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1444: Did overlay texts for a short time when opening the Spotify screen
  • Audioserver: Don’t navigate back when unfollowing a Spotify Playlist
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1428: Last favorite could be deleted from the app
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1431: Additional logging for favorite loading issue
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1427: Delete Spotify with special characters in username may not delete it
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1372: Could play items when editing a playlist
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1379: Couldn’t add a playlist when previously removed a playlist from another type (Local/Spotify)
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1369: Did navigate out of the audioplayer when choosing not to use spotify
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1380: Did show %20 instead of space character in the EcoPlayer and Queue Screen in the parent name
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1370: Couldn’t delete playlist entries after adding music
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1364: Favorite edit button did hide
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1366: Removed nonsense command on startup
  • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1387: Corrupt UI when having a lot of players in the Volume overlay on Safari based browsers
  • Audioserver: Favorites stuck in “Loading…” after rebooting the Audioserver
  • Intercom: BG-I6972: Will now use the default selected audio route instead of the loud speaker
  • Intercom: BG-I7106: Detect the used Microphone eg. when in a phone call when starting a SIP call to show a proper error message
  • Intercom: BG-I6574: Error button was not clickable on SD
  • Intercom: BG-I7779: Microphone and speaker settings weren’t saved on back navigation
  • Intercom: BG-I8169: SIP connection may not be terminated correctly when closing the screen quickly after establishing a connection
  • NfcCodeTouch: BG-I7923: Reworked brute force error message
  • NfcCodeTouch: R12-I25: History won’t update until the control is closed and reopened.
  • NfcCodeTouch: BG-I7613: History won’t show declined entry attempts properly (showing -1 via N/A) instead of declined.
  • Systemstate: BG-I7213: Screen flickers after resuming from background, especially when showing the message history.
  • Systemstate: BG-I8763: Entries dated at yesterday after 23:30 are listed as Today
  • Systemstate: BG-I6520: Adopted text for update device message
  • Systemstate: R12-I116: confirmed messages at controls are no longer visible
  • Systemstate: BG-I7681: Border was shown in room and category screen with no text
  • Systemstate: BG-I5734: Missing installation place makes it hard to track down affected devices.
  • Connection: BG-I9143: Cancelling an connection attempt causes issue with “null of..”
  • Connection: BG-I6743: No feedback when trying to access a miniserver without the right to visualisation.
  • Connection: BG-I8053: Miniserver unregistered popup is annoying when on a construction site, there should be an option to ignore it.
  • Connection: BG-I8532: Cannot connect to MS when there is a different MS in the network with the same IP.
  • Connection: After a Miniserver Update remote connect won’t work anymore.
  • Miniserver Search: BG-I3428: Network aware Miniserver search will inform the user about lost network connection
  • Eco-Screen: BG-I9153: Unable to dismiss eco screen, especially when connection was closed (e.g. due to user management changes).
  • Eco-Screen: Errorous behaviour when clicking/selecting the area left of the time to hide the EcoScreen if no Weather Service is subscribed to
  • Eco-Screen: Time was not centered if no Weather Service is subscribed to
  • Eco-Screen: BG-I8470: Bell notifications at the eco screen from a not connected miniserver shows the name of the belling miniserver
  • Eco-Screen: Eco-Screen will appear even though a button is pressed (for a long time)
  • App menu: BG-I8698: Correct animation type and presentation style at user screen
  • App menu: Fixed connected miniserver name cropped
  • App menu: BG-I9110: Did blink if subscribed to Weather Service
  • General: BG-I6374, BG-I8583, BG-I7771: In some cases the app didn’t response after logging or app update
  • General: BG-I5213: Occasionally controls like the IRC show the default category icon instead of the state icon.
  • General: BG-I9138: Cannot open e.g. a tracker when a hint text is configured for the alarm block
  • General: R12-I208: Screen scrollable even though there is enough space.
  • General: R12-I176: Buttons too small, hard to hit.
  • General: R12-I201: Switches too small, hard to hit.
  • General: R12-T698: Hint-Text overlays other windows in system-scheme.
  • General: R12-T698: Text not properly truncated, overlaying content below the hint text if too long.
  • General: R12-T698: View jumps when opening up a control with a hint text in it.
  • ExpertMode: BG-I7682: Content was flickering after selection
  • ExpertMode: Simple ui button had no function
  • UserManagement: BG-I8749: change password screen showed multiple empty lines
  • UserManagement: BG-I9151: Did log user off without any notice if app was inactive and while the user has been modified
  • UserManagement: BG-I7786: password disappeared, when password includes special character
  • Musicserver: BG-I9148: Didn’t show lower content on mixed content views (Browsable and Playable content, e.g: Radio browsing)
  • Musicserver: BG-I9062: Removed Coverflow function from Player to prevent automatically switching to the next item
  • Device-Pairing: BG-I8047: Default icon shown in wrong color (black) and too large.
  • Device-Pairing: BG-I8632: Endless waiting popup after clicking on a valve
  • Remote: R12-I204: When turning off there is no waiting indicator, while it is still in progress.
  • OperatingTimes: BG-I5390: Error-Popup shown when opening the operating times.
  • Statistics: BG-I4062: Statistics may be out of bounds
  • Statistic: BG-I8752: Bars not exceeding the maximum are shown orange as if they would.
  • DimmerControl: BG-I7316: Dimmer control couldn’t handle value less than 1
  • PoolController: BG-I7708: Target temperature did ignore decimal place
  • System-Scheme: BG-I7823: App freeze when loading image was cancelled.
  • Battery monitor: BG-I6906: Text for changing battery at low energy level removed (Touch & Grill)
  • Central: BG-I7502: State does not update properly, e.g. when dis-/enabling the automatic mode of a jalousie on another device.
  • UpdateProcess: BG-I9156: Some release users did receive alpha updates
  • Window-Monitor: BG-I4559: Naming of location not consistent (installation place).
  • AboutScreens/ Partner Branding: Did squash images
  • Weather: BG-I8748: Ad on the left top remains visible after clicking through the ad and hitting “not needed atm”
  • Debuglog: Won’t hide on shake anymore
  • InfoScreen: BG-I5779: Garbage collect already viewed features to not fill up the storage
  • Touch & Grill: BG-I7739: Rename input was to narrow
  • Biometric ID: BG-I9181: Fixed multiple Biometric ID authentications of Automatic Designer and automatic Biometric ID deactivation
  • Light-Controller: BG-I6500: Click animation overlays cell content in light-control mood list (in details)

Platform specific

  • iOS: R12-I200: Quick actions are syncing to Apple Watch at app start
  • iOS: R12-I53: App won’t respond after being brought back from the background on iOS occasionally
  • iOS: InfoScreen does not show on iOS devices
  • Android Push: BG-I2815, BG-I7216: App respects Android DND mode and won’t wake up the device or play any sound
  • macOS: BG-I4721: Extended the Application menus to also include the Window Menu
  • macOS: Window did not respect corner radius on macOS Big Sur
  • Windows: Couldn’t resize window
  • Windows: BG-I6284: Occasional White application icon after initial start
  • Desktop Apps: Removed untranslated text from presence detection menu
  • Firefox: BG-I7848: Won’t show scrollbars anymore


    • Android devices running 6 or later
    • iPhone/iPad running iOS 13 or later (older versions stay on version 11.0)
    • AppleWatch running watchOS 6 or later
    • macOS running Version OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) up to macOS Catalina.

Loxone Audioserver

L’aggiornamento del software per l’Audioserver contiene correzioni di bug che migliorano la stabilità. Tutti i dettagli tecnici della versione del software si trovano nel changelog.

È possibile eseguire l’aggiornamento in modo semplice e comodo nell’App Loxone o nell’interfaccia web dell’Audioserver.

Aggiornamento offline: 

Se non si dispone di una connessione internet attiva per il proprio Audioserver, è possibile importare il file UDP tramite la condivisione di rete. In Windows è possibile accedere a questa struttura di cartelle inserendo l’indirizzo IP o il nome host nella barra di Windows Explorer con il seguente formato:

\IP-Audioserver oder \hostname

Quindi, copiare il file nella cartella ‘Aggiornamenti’ e, poco dopo, l’aggiornamento verrà installato automaticamente. L’Audioserver si riavvierà ed eseguirà la versione installata.


Technical Changelog Audioserver


  • MAX Volume for AirPlay Zones
  • Volume Offset for AirPlay Zones
  • Library scanning with more logdetails
  • Extended Techreport


  • fixed AirPlay Configuration setup for AMP1 as stereo zone and AMP2 as two downmixes
  • fixed DHCP lease time renew handling
  •  AirPlay VolumeMix: fixed volumelevels when using AMP1 as downmix zones and AMP2 as stereozones (and vice versa)
  • AirPlay naming: remove unused Outputs from Config, don’t announce AirPlay for them
  • AirPlay naming: check and change names when jumping from non AirPlay to AirPlay release after Update/Boot
  • AirPlay and output-change: force reload of AirPlay outputs when changing Speakertypes from AMP

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