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Keep your cool without AC thanks to intelligent shading.
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Lighting -
Save energy at the office with our top tips.
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Lighting – save up to 60% of energy

  1. The manager or administrator has central access to control all lighting via one application.
  2. The lighting itself is switched on and off according to the brightness and presence in the room fully automatically – if the safety of work is ensured
  3. The brightness of LED lights is automatically regulated according to how much natural light there is in each room. This can save up to 60% of energy consumption for lighting.
  4. Building automation makes it possible to automate each room separately based on the users’ needs: The lighting in warehouses can be dimmed to a lower brightness, but fully light up spaces where someone is working.
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Heating -
Save energy with our top tips.
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Heating – up to 30% lower consumption

  • Heating can be regulated automatically in any type or size of building. It maintains the right temperature in each room, which can be adapted on a room-by-room basis.
  • Your heating system can be controled according to a set calendar of operating times, including holidays or other off-days. If the building is closed, the heating is lowered.
  • Thanks to the integrated presence sensors, the heating period can be extended if, for example, you schedule a meeting with colleagues at your workplace after working hours.
  • Air circulation is smartly controlled according to the presence in offices, apartments, facilities and restrooms. When half of the rooms in the building are empty, there is no need to generate as much energy for circulation. Intelligent automation takes care of it all!
  • The Touch Pure Flex allows for adjustable control depending on the type of user. For example, employees can only regulate the temperature within a set range of degrees so that they can’t go over a maximum temperature. However, facility managers or administration have complete control over the building’s heating in the mobile App.
  • Intelligent automation make the heating system in any bulding – small or large – predictable and balanced, therefore effective.
  • Heating times can also be based on open windows in your bulding. If it windows are open for an extended amount of time, the heating will automatically turn off.
Smart teamwork between devices maximizes energy savings.
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Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Prague
Cutting energy use with the Loxone Audioserver
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Save energy with
Loxone building automation
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Miniserver for energy management
By using only one miniserver you can implement a full energy management.
solution to save energy
3 reasons to get an automation solution.
One solution for every topic.
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The Loxone smart home consists of various brilliant features.
One of them: The Energy manager
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