Effortless and Legal: Commercial Music Streaming with Loxone and Soundsuit

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18. June 2024

The cooperation between Loxone and Soundsuit is revolutionizing commercial music streaming. With seamless integration into the Loxone audio system, Soundsuit provides legal, reliable, and target group-oriented streaming solutions. While private services like Spotify are not permitted for commercial use, Soundsuit offers a legally secure alternative. In this blog, we highlight the advantages of the synergy between Loxone and Soundsuit, demonstrating how they can elevate your business ambiance.

The partnership between Loxone and Soundsuit is transforming commercial music streaming. With seamless integration into the Loxone audio system, Soundsuit provides legal, reliable, and audience-specific streaming solutions. While private services like Spotify are not allowed for commercial use, Soundsuit offers a legally compliant alternative. 

Martin Zimmermann

Loxone Partner, thinkinghouse GmbH

What do you need to consider when streaming music commercially??

The majority of business owners are unaware that popular music services, e.g. Spotify or Apple Music, are not licensed for commercial use in establishments such as stores or restaurants. Whether you run a restaurant, a gym, a hotel, or a store, there’s a good chance you’ll have music playing in the background. This already constitutes commercial use of the music, which requires specific requirements, such as registration with authorities and the corresponding licensing of the tracks played. Services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube and Amazon Music do not meet these requirements for licensed music for commercial use.

What do you have to consider in order to legally stream music commercially?

Due to copyright law, streaming music requires fees to ensure that artists are compensated for the use of their work. Streaming services like Spotify are licensed for private use and do not pay fees for the required broadcast licenses when played publicly. This means that these services may not be used for commercial use. You as a business owner or your employee are not allowed to play music from B2C services like Spotify in your store, even if you have a paid subscription.

Spotify for public or commercial use

As you can read in the Terms & Conditions Spotify is intended for private, non-commercial use only.

Companies (such as bars, restaurants, schools, shops, hair salons, dance schools, radio stations, etc.) are therefore not allowed to broadcast or play Spotify publicly.

gewerbliches Musikstreaming

Stream music fairly and legally with Soundsuit & Loxone

Soundsuit has explicitly licensed its music service for commercial use in over 50 countries and is seamlessly integrated into the Loxone audio world. In combination with the audio solution, Soundsuit offers more than just a legal streaming service for commercial applications. Soundsuit delivers intelligently curated audio content specifically tailored to your target audience.

Curated audio content

Target group oriented

Centrally managed

Fair & legal

gewerbliches Musikstreaming

What influence does music have in commercial applications??  

Music plays a crucial role in commercial applications such as restaurants, bars, hotels and shops. It creates a pleasant atmosphere that significantly improves the customer experience and can increase the length of stay and the willingness to purchase. Intelligent, curated audio content specifically tailored to the target audience contributes to brand building and customer loyalty. The high-quality playback provided by Loxone’s audio solution ensures optimal sound quality, guaranteeing interference-free and engaging listening experiences. This results in a professional and welcoming environment that positively impacts both customers and employees.

Increase in sales

Sales in stores can be increased by 9% if the background music is tailored to the customer group.

Purchase decision

86% of customers say that music clearly influences their purchasing decision.

Employee motivation

74% of employees show higher motivation when the right music is played.

What is the correct license for commercial use of music?

If you play music for customers in your store, you need a license to do so legally. The license fee depends on the type and size of your business. It is important to select the correct license to ensure you pay the correct fee. In Germany, GEMA collects fees for public performance rights on behalf of GVL. In other European countries you have to manage two licenses: AKM and LSG in Austria and SWISSPERFORM in Switzerland.


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