Public Beta

¿Te encanta probar funciones nuevas o en desarrollo del Loxone Config y la App antes de su lanzamiento? Los más apasionados de Loxone pueden probar nuestras versiones de software directamente y echarnos una mano con valiosas sugerencias de mejora.


Public Beta

¿Te encanta probar funciones nuevas o en desarrollo del Loxone Config y la App antes de su lanzamiento? Los más apasionados de Loxone pueden probar nuestras versiones de software directamente y echarnos una mano con valiosas sugerencias de mejora.

Información importante

  • Las versiones Beta del software no están preparadas como una versión final. Por este motivo, no se recomienda utilizar ninguna versión Beta del software en proyectos e instalaciones de clientes.
  • Algunas partes del software pueden aún no estar traducidas al español o catalán.
  • El formulario a continuación está abierto para que puedas explicarnos tu experiencia probando esta versión y reenviaremos los comentarios al equipo de software de Austria. Seguramente el equipo de soporte en España no podrá dar respuesta específica a cada comentario, pero todos se valoran y agradecemos tus aportaciones.
  • Por favor, para solicitud de nuevas características, no utilices este formulario, sino que puedes comentario directamente con el equipo de soporte.
  • Si tienes dudas sobre cómo trabajar con diferentes versiones de Loxone Config, revisa esta página de la documentación: Instalación Loxone Config >

Loxone Config Beta

Para configurar el Miniserver con la versión Beta, ejecuta el siguiente comando:


Para configurar el Miniserver con la versión Release, ejecuta el siguiente comando: 


Technical Changelog Loxone Config / Miniserver


Technical Changelog Config Beta (2022.01.25):


  • Bumped Minor version due to year change



  • FTP server security vulnerability
  • BG-I14153 State: Directly entered output value is not correctly working in simulation when it has decimal places
  • BG-I14130 Old bootloader update is not deleted after updating Miniserver to a newer version
  • BG-I14049 Users without Windows admin rights cant format a Gen.2 SD card
  • BG-I14147 Memory set via LiveView not sent to other Miniservers
  • Window Monitor has no rating per default
  • BG-I14558 Tree/Air Monitor: Device identification resorts search results which breaks selection
  • BG-I14495 Audioserver disappears from LoxAPP after changing room of one Audio Player
  • BG-I14565 Empty network device shown in device status
  • BG-I14567 Network device learning: No information that search is done by the Miniserver
  • BG-I14559 Mode cant be switched in LiveView
  • Editing all objects of a type from context menu only available when there are more than 1 objects of a type
  • BG-I14192 Simulation: Changing solar radiation not possible when simulation is not yet running
  • BG-I14182 Tree2Air Bridge has duplicate serial tags in .Loxone file
  • BG-I14574 Auto Config dialog: Check all checkbox does not update view anymore
  • BG-I14247 Multiplicator: Identify in Miniserver search not working
  • BG-I14194 Plugins not displayed as dummy devices
  • BG-I13998 Project analysis can delete T5 Input from peripheries
  • Intercom Search: Intercom Gen1 appears in search-result after creation
  • BG-I14096 Controls without Permissions shown in app
  • BG-I13613: old message stuck in Systenstatus
  • BG-I13883 Controls with only digital parameters cant be set to default
  • BG-I13923 Show permissions of Full Access user group in permission dialog
  • BG-I13885 Project validation warning icon not directly shown after opening project
  • BG-I13886 Multi edit does not show all settings when a reference is selected
  • BG-I13887 Simulation: Frequency mode (rectangle, triangle, sine) not working
  • BG-I13968 Memory flag can be connected to api connector
  • BG-I13989 Property Window: Drawing issue with rating property
  • BG-I13943 Central block and other references get lost when adding project to gateway
  • BG-I13990 Solar Irradiation box in ribbon allows text values
  • BG-I13971 Insufficient description for ‘<v.u>’ format
  • BG-I14315 Object which has been dragged onto the page disappears
  • BG-I13881 Multplicator dialog: Resizing of columns not possible
  • BG-I14021 Saving IO as default unhides some hidden inputs
  • BG-I13991 Serial setting allows non hex characters
  • BG-I14303 Ribbon does not revert back to normal when closing last multiplicator project
  • BG-I14030 Property window: Scrolling is not reset when a different control is selected
  • BG-I14002 Simulation: Correction not shown
  • BG-I14037 Wrong Modbus Polling cycle maximum
  • BG-I14006 Not assigned reference of api actor can be assigned to every type of actor
  • BG-I13969 Intercom control still shows as not completely configured when Intercom was connected by changing reference of api actor
  • BG-I14009 References overlapping controls cant be selected when they have been inserted before the control
  • BG-I14513 Device status broken when tree to air bridge is on intercom
  • BG-I14061 Cant connect api connector via connection reference
  • BG-I14065 Miniserver external port not reset when changing external access
  • BG-I14060 Can’t change category of intercom control
  • BG-I14310 Multifunction & Stairway switch: Constant On on the input O causes constant edges on the output (This may result in spamming Link/Tree/Air)
  • BG-I14064 Disappearing context menu items when mouse is hovering over them
  • BG-I14119 Config does not properly close http request connections instead reuses them, this results in encryption problems
  • BG-I14056 Property window not updated when serial is updated during save to Miniserver
  • BG-I14055 Online state inputs can’t be fetched/changed via webservice
  • BG-I975 Outputs do not trigger when photoelectric sensors activate and therefore dont really stop the gate if its currently moving
  • BG-I14062 Schueco Extension does not have a proper icon
  • BG-I14073 Door Controller: Added option to show video or bell image in the app when someone rings (needs new app)
  • Fixed:
  • BG-I13988 Wrong/additional option for time functions (night, unix)
  • BG-I14013 Skylight central not visible in central category
  • BG-I14012 Central uses default name when inserted
  • BG-I14342 Calendar PT: added Terça-feira
  • BG-I14341 Calendar HU: missing / invalid holidays
  • BG-I14339 Calendar LI: missing / invalid holidays
  • BG-I14338 Calendar LU: missing / invalid holidays
  • BG-I14336 Calendar BR: adapted carnival calculation
  • BG-I14111 Sequence Control Dialog: not all comments marked green
  • BG-I13936 Tree Learning: Lightgroup cannot be created when name is already used
  • fixed remanence of control-locking if locked by app AND central
  • BG-I13780 Connection flag names not updated when renaming a control
  • BG-I12907 External access data of client gets lost
  • BG-I14042 Template folders not created when importing template xml
  • BG-I13864 Project validation shows hostname as duplicate address
  • BG-I13811 Documentation: Table of contents header is shown without any content
  • BG-I13816 LiveView Button not updating when activating/deactivating liveview control
  • BG-I13838 Automatic connection of inputs of some devices not working properly (Touch, Roomsensor)
  • BG-I13832 Display of numeric numbers in qt dialogs does not respect locale settings (dot or comma)
  • BG-I13878 Ribbon does not update when undoing multiplicator conversion
  • BG-I13840 Page is added in wrong project when having opened multiple projects in split view
  • BG-I13857 Page selection jumps when dragging intercom from tree
  • BG-I13867 Stop LiveView button not clickable at the bottom
  • BG-I14017 Intercom Gen1 not displayed in intercom-search-dialog
  • BG-I14541 Light Controller: moving moods after deleting creates a new mood
  • BG-I14530 Status dialog: no icon for tree-devices
  • BG-I14362 Tracker: pipe-symbol not displayed
  • BG-I14278 Music-Player: presence not ended after alarm-event
  • BG-I14200 Control locked via App can be unlocked via central block
  • BG-I13666 Automatic Scene: command «move slat» behaves irregularly
  • BG-I13120 KNX Extension: physical address
  • BG-I12827 EIN/KNX: Datatype 1 receive timeout not working
  • fixed «unknown command 9A» messages in Tree Monitor
  • BG-I13128 Dali: unused actor can’t be controlled over live view
  • BG-I6693 DMX search: «search running» hangs if search is started repeatedly
  • BG-I10036 NFC Code Touch: access times setting not refreshing with multiple changes
  • BG-I13842 Calendar PL: calendar adds extra Heat Period; additional holidays added
  • BG-I13803 Calendar EST: removed invalid spaces
  • BG-I13794 Calendar DK: fixed invaild holidays
  • BG-I13790 Calendar NOR: fixed invalid holidays
  • BG-I13734 Calendar ZA: fixed invalid holidays
  • BG-I13830 Connecting Presence block to Lighting controller does not change Ti
  • BG-I13941 Presence: invalid origin-texts when linking controls in gateway
  • BG-I14160 Sequence Control dialog: cursor jumps when editing indented lines
  • BG-I14178 Sequence Control dialog: Indented command line can not be commented out
  • BG-I14285 Lightcontroller : Presence not working correctly when MS is used
  • Automaticdesigner: rules displayed as invalid
  • BG-I14155 Tree Shading actuator: fixed sending of empty move-sequences
  • BG-I14189 Weatherserver: don’t show decimals when using fahrenheit


Project Planning

  • BG-I14019 Battery pack for Touch Surface missing
  • BG-I14543 No window dependent products in German default plan for the room ‘Flur’
  • BG-I14053 Additionally added audio zones are used up by speaker which were also added resulting in a wrong calculation of needed audio channels
  • BG-I14512 Additional IOs have installation place instead of name in US default plan
  • BG-I14526 Quadral Products missing
  • BG-I14532 Reduced switch-on factor for power calculation from 90% to 30% this greatly reduces the planned power supplies
  • Feller Adapter Set Anthracite missing
  • Can’t change mounting type of tree presence sensor
  • BG-I14152 Updated UK default file
  • BG-I13781 Change of customer country is not saved

Devices & Extensions

  • NFC Code Touch:
    • touch responsivity improved
    • BG-I14100 NFC Code Touch: Status LED 4 gleams
    •  improved touch behaviour in cold and wet environments
  • BG-I14159 Internorm Extension: Fan goes offline sporadically
  • BG-I13676 Dali Extension V2: Identifier does not work
  • BG-I13982 Dali Extension: some device specific commands not shown in monitor
  • BG-I13712 Ceiling Light: Fixed incorrect presence detection after finished fading

Intelligent Roomcontroller

  • BG-I13385 Invalid mode and target in manual mode below frost protection temperature


  • BG-I13952 Jump to next sequence colour when saving into miniserver


  • BG-I13657 Config crash when opening multi edit dialog
  • BG-I14549 Config hangs when switching between plugins in search dialog (e.g. SmartThings)
  • BG-I14150 Config crash when deleting client Miniserver
  • BG-I13884 Config crash when closing
  • BG-I14586 Config crash when closing automatic designer dialog

Loxone App

Actualmente no existe una versión Beta pública de nuestra App. La última versión es la versión de lanzamiento.
Para descargarla, visita la tienda de aplicaciones en tu dispositivo o ves a nuestra página de Descargas.


Loxone Audioserver Beta

Para configurar el Audioserver con la versión Beta, ejecuta el siguiente comando:


Una vez que se valide el comando, podrás realizar las actualizaciones a través de la interfaz web del Audioserver.
Si tu Audioserver ya está ejecutando una versión Beta, podrás iniciar actualizaciones futuras desde la App de Loxone.

Actualización offline: 

Si no tienes una conexión a Internet activa para tu Audioserver, puedes importar el archivo UDP compartiendo la red. En Windows, puedes acceder a esta estructura de carpetas pegando la dirección IP o el nombre de host en la barra del explorador de Windows, usando el siguiente formato:

\\IP-Audioserver o \\hostname

Copia ahora el archivo en la carpeta ‘Actualizaciones’ y la actualización se instalará automáticamente. El Audioserver se reiniciará y ejecutará la versión Beta.

Para volver a configurar su Audioserver a la versión de lanzamiento (o versión Release), simplemente ejecuta el siguiente comando:


Technical Changelog Loxone Audioserver


Technical Changelog Loxone Audioserver Beta


  • Volmode & fixed Volume from Loxone Config
  • New software platform for better synchronicity
  • Improvements for installations with multiple Audioservers
  • New AirPlay 2 SDK version for better handling, especially with grouped outputs
  • Increase in performance and responsiveness
  • Improved performance when playing Spotify
  • Audio player now fully supports control presets (save and restore)


  • NAS Samba version detection (Synology NAS Firmware differences)
  • SPDIF conversion, especially fixes stuttering when using SPDIF converter/adapter


  • Mastervolume scaling when starting at 0
  • apply offset volume before maxvolume
  • missing EOS signal to other AS
  • spdif fixed volume control
  • Maxvolume clipping at max, not scaling anymore
  • handle spotify error ‚bad gateway‘ and notify
  • suppress events if player is playing and event Volume param is 0
  • audio/X/stop causing other players in autogroup stopping too
  • fix appending to queue causing wrong playback in stacked AS environments
  • correct urlencode output to app for getroomfavs
  • overall communication stability improved
  • TTS stuck events
  • Generating TTS messages in parallel results in damaged audio files that cannot be played
  • TTS hang events & restoring
  • TTS volume slider to 0 caused a crash of Audioserver
  • TTS empty files
  • delay for TTS and other events
  • crash with spotify
  • deadlock with source stream changes
  • Airplay recovery after audioserver reboot
  • playlist shuffle mode for library playlist
  • Communication Bug to Miniserver causing external Connections not working to Audioserver
  • AirPlay configuration with stereo outputs on Audio Extensions

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