Motorized awnings for
outdoor spaces

Keep awnings under control in wind, sun or rain at any time of day. As an ideal shade solution for decks, Loxone can automate electric awnings to adjust on their own so you can stay comfortable in your outdoor living space. They even know how to protect themselves from the elements to prevent damage.

Terrasse mit geöffneter Markise

Instant control in the app is possible, but not always needed

Geöffnete Markise bei Sonnenschein
Fully automatic awnings

If the Weather Station detects high winds coming, the awning will then know to retract to prevent damage. In the case of bright sun or rain, the awning can be programmed to extend so you can still enjoy yourself comfortably outdoors. Or maybe heavy rain is coming, it may make more sense for your awning to automatically retract.

Steuerung der Markise per App
By app or Remote Air

If your needs ever change, you can have instant control of motorized awnings right in the app or with the Remote Air right in your hand. Wherever you are, there’s an option for extra control.

Steuerung der Markise mit einer Fernbedienung

Wireless awning control option

Our wireless Air technology was specially developed for those looking to bring intelligent automation into their existing walls.

Simply equip your existing electric awnings with our Air products to create simple automatic awnings. The Remote Air is an easy way to control awnings on demand.

Fully functional automatic awnings with Loxone 

When electric awnings are automated by Loxone, they will know how to function in order to protect you from the elements or to protect themselves too. Find even more info about shading control in a Loxone Smart Home or commercial project: